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A complementary study of bonding and electronic structure of amorphous carbon films by electron spectroscopy and optical techniquesPatsalas, P.; Handrea, M.; Logothetidis, S.; Gioti, M.; Kennou, S.; Kautek, W.24-Nov-2015-
Crystalline structures of carbon complexes in amorphous carbon filmsKomninou, P.; Nouet, G.; Patsalas, P.; Kehagias, T.; Gioti, M.; Logothetidis, S.; Karakostas, T.24-Nov-2015-
Development of diamond and diamond-related materials with desired propertiesLogothetidis, S.; Gioti, M.; Charitidis, C.; Patsalas, P.24-Nov-2015-
Electrical behaviour of metal/a-C/Si and metal/CN/Si devicesEvangelou, E.; Konofaos, N.; Logothetidis, S.; Gioti, M.24-Nov-2015-
Electronic and optical properties of a-C from tight-binding molecular dynamics simulationsMathioudakis, C.; Kopidakis, G.; Kelires, P. C.; Patsalas, P.; Gioti, M.; Logothetidis, S.24-Nov-2015-
Growth kinetics of sputtered amorphous carbon thin films: composition studies and phenomenological modelLogothetidis, S.; Patsalas, P.; Gioti, M.; Galdikas, A.; Pranevicius, L.24-Nov-2015-
Insights on the deposition mechanism of sputtered amorphous carbon filmsLogothetids, S.; Gioti, M.; Patsalas, P.; Charitidis, C.24-Nov-2015-
The kinetics of sputtered deposited carbon on silicon: a phenomenological modelGaldikas, A.; Logothetidis, S.; Patsalas, P.; Gioti, M.; Pranevicius, L.24-Nov-2015-
Magnetron sputtered carbon nitride: composition and chemical bonding of as-grown and post-annealed films studied with real-time and in situ diagnostic techniquesGioti, M.; Logothetidis, S.; Patsalas, P.; Laskarakis, A.; Panayiotatos, Y.; Kechagias, V.24-Nov-2015-
Microstructure and nanomechanical and optical properties of single- and multi-layer carbon films synthesized by radio frequency sputteringLu, W.; Komvopoulos, K.; Patsalas, P.; Charitidis, C.; Gioti, M.; Logothetidis, S.24-Nov-2015-
A new process for the development of hard and stable sputtered amorphous carbon filmsLogothetidis, S.; Gioti, M.; Charitidis, C.; Patsalas, P.24-Nov-2015-
Nitrogen induced states at the CNx/Si interfaceEvangelou, E.; Konofaos, N.; Gioti, M.; Logothetidis, S.24-Nov-2015-
Polycrystalline diamond formation by post-growth ion bombardment of sputter-deposited amorphous carbon filmsPatsalas, P.; Logothetidis, S.; Douka, P.; Gioti, M.; Stergioudis, G.; Komninou, P.; Nouet, G.; Karakostas, T.24-Nov-2015-
Real-time monitoring, growth kinetics and properties of carbon based materials deposited by sputteringLogothetidis, S.; Gioti, M.; Patsalas, P.24-Nov-2015-
Stability, enhancement of elastic properties and structure of multilayered amorphous carbon filmsLogothetidis, S.; Gioti, M.; Charitidis, C.; Patsalas, P.; Arvanitidis, J.; Stoemenos, J.24-Nov-2015-