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  Idiotype-anti-idiotype circuit in non-autoimmune mice after immunization with the epitope and complementary epitope 289-308aa of La/SSB: implications for the maintenance and perpetuation of the anti-La/SSB response (Journal article)

  Immunologic study of two epitopes on human La/SSB and myelin basic protein which posses a high degree of sequence similarity (Journal article)

  Linear epitopes of two different autoantigens-La/SSB and myelin basic protein - with a high degree of molecular similarity, cause different humoral immune responses (Journal article)

  Fine specificity of autoantibodies to La/SSB: Epitope mapping, and characterization (Journal article)

  Structural, molecular and immunological properties of linear B-cell epitopes of Ro60KD autoantigen (Journal article)

  Cross recognition between historic H-1 and the major B-cell epitope of La/SSB is responsible for the anti dsDNA reactivity observed in sera of a subgroup of SLE patients (Journal article)

  Calreticulin Synthetic Peptide Analogs - Antipeptide Antibodies in Autoimmune Rheumatic Diseases (Journal article)

  Calreticulin binds preferentially with B cell linear epitopes of Ro60 kD autoantigen, enhancing recognition by anti-Ro60 kD autoantibodies (Journal article)

  Cross recognition between histones and LA/SSB is responsible for anti-DNA reactivity observed in sera of a subgroup of SLE patients (Journal article)

  Study of the B-cell epitopes of La/SSB autoantigen and their complementary epitopes in sequential sera from patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and Sjogren's syndrome (SS) (Journal article)