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  Migration levels of PVC plasticisers: Effect of ionising radiation treatment (Journal article)

  Shelf life extension of lamb meat using thyme or oregano essential oils and modified atmosphere packaging (Journal article)

  Shelf life extension of sliced wheat bread using either an ethanol emitter or an ethanol emitter combined with an oxygen absorber as alternatives to chemical preservatives (Journal article)

  Determination of okadaic acid, dinophysistoxin-1 and related esters in Greek mussels using HPLC with fluorometric detection, LC-MS/MS and mouse bioassay (Journal article)

  Determination of tributyltin through ultrasonic assisted micelle mediated extraction and GFAAS: Application to the monitoring of tributyltin levels in Greek marine species (Journal article)

  Composition and Antioxidant Activity of Olive Leaf Extracts from Greek Olive Cultivars (Journal article)

  Changes in the specific migration characteristics of packaging-food simulant combinations caused by ionizing radiation: Effect of food simulant (Journal article)

  Characterization and classification of Western Greek olive oils according to cultivar and geographical origin based on volatile compounds (Journal article)

  Characterisation of the geographical origin of Western Greek virgin olive oils based on instrumental and multivariate statistical analysis (Journal article)

  Classification of olive oils according to geographical origin by using (1)H NMR fingerprinting combined with multivariate analysis (Journal article)