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dc.contributor.authorΧρύσος, Ε.el
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dc.titleΗ ιδέα της Ευρώπης στον Μεσαίωναel
heal.type.enJournal articleen
heal.type.elΆρθρο περιοδικούel
heal.generalDescription363-372 σ.el
heal.recordProviderΠανεπιστήμιο Ιωαννίνων. Φιλοσοφική Σχολή. Τμήμα Ιστορίας και Αρχαιολογίαςel
heal.abstractIn the first part of this short paper some evidence is offered on how the Byzantines perceived the notion of Europe within their own image of the world. By remaining faithful to the idea of the Roman Empire as the unique legitimate political structure, they understood themselves in authority over both parts of the world, the eastern or Asian and the western or European. Thus, the word Europe had a geographical meaning, or several meanings at different periods and was understood as an administrative but not as a political term. In the second part we present the western medieval notion of Europe in three cycles: 1. The Roman idea of Europe in terms of the Christiana res publica. According to this concept tota Europa is of course claimed to be under the authority of the pope. 2. The essential political idea of Europe emerged in the Frankish kingdom culminating in the political propaganda at the court of Charlemagne, who was praised as pater Europae. This concept was adopted later by the German emperors. Thus at the times of Henrik II Germany was celebrated as nothing else than mater Europal Politically always less powerful but persisting during the centuries is the notion of Europe as a community of nations. From Isidore of Seville in the 7th century to the late medieval intellectual monk Raymondus Lullus several political thinkers developed the idea of a political arrangement based on the mutual respect of the peoples. Inspired from the classical notion of the jus gentium they proposed a jus inter gentes. On the grounds of these ideas the concept of the international law was to emerge in modem times.en
heal.publisherΠανεπιστήμιο Ιωαννίνων. Φιλοσοφική Σχολή. Τμήμα Ιστορίας και Αρχαιολογίαςel
heal.journalNameΔωδώνη Τεύχος Πρώτο Επιστημονική Επετηρίδα Τμήματος Ιστορίας και Αρχαιολογίας Πανεπιστήμιο Ιωαννίνων; Τόμ. 20 (1991)el
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