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The Ac-RGD-NH2 peptide as a probe of slow conformational exchange of short linear peptides in DMSOBiris, N.; Stavrakoudis, A.; Politou, A. S.; Mikros, E.; Sakarellos-Daitsiotis, M.; Sakarellos, C.; Tsikaris, V.24-Nov-2015-
Allosteric communication between signal peptides and the SecA protein DEAD motor ATPase domainBaud, C.; Karamanou, S.; Sianidis, G.; Vrontou, E.; Politou, A. S.; Economou, A.24-Nov-2015-
An automated method for gridding in microarray imagesGiannakeas, N.; Fotiadis, D. I.; Politou, A. S.24-Nov-2015-
Casein kinase 1 regulates human hypoxia-inducible factor HIF-1Kalousi, A.; Mylonis, I.; Politou, A. S.; Chachami, G.; Paraskeva, E.; Simos, G.24-Nov-2015-
Chromatin remodeling during mitosis: a structure-based code?Georgatos, S. D.; Markaki, Y.; Christogianni, A.; Politou, A. S.24-Nov-2015-
Cross-talk between catalytic and regulatory elements in a DEAD motor domain is essential for SecA functionSianidis, G.; Karamanou, S.; Vrontou, E.; Boulias, K.; Repanas, K.; Kyrpides, N.; Politou, A. S.; Economou, A.24-Nov-2015-
Dynamic associations of heterochromatin protein 1 with the nuclear envelopeKourmouli, N.; Theodoropoulos, P. A.; Dialynas, G.; Bakou, A.; Politou, A. S.; Cowell, I. G.; Singh, P. B.; Georgatos, S. D.24-Nov-2015-
An editable histone modification pattern that marks and configures mitotic chromatinMarkaki, Y.; Christogianni, A.; Papamokos, G.; Politou, A. S.; Georgatos, S. D.24-Nov-2015-
The elastic I-band region of titin is assembled in a "modular" fashion by weakly interacting Ig-like domainsPolitou, A. S.; Gautel, M.; Improta, S.; Vangelista, L.; Pastore, A.24-Nov-2015-
ERBIN is a new SARA-interacting protein: competition between SARA and SMAD2 and SMAD3 for binding to ERBINSflomos, G.; Kostaras, E.; Panopoulou, E.; Pappas, N.; Kyrkou, A.; Politou, A. S.; Fotsis, T.; Murphy, C.24-Nov-2015-
Fluorescence spectroscopy as a tool for studying protein-peptide interactions: Evaluation of talin affinity for beta(3) integrin derived peptidesGesouli, A.; Psillou, A.; Politou, A. S.; Tsikaris, V.24-Nov-2015-
The folding and stability of titin immunoglobulin-like modules, with implications for the mechanism of elasticityPolitou, A. S.; Thomas, D. J.; Pastore, A.24-Nov-2015-
Human recombinant mutated forms of the mitochondrial COX assembly Sco2 protein differ from wild-type in physical state and copper binding capacityFoltopoulou, P. F.; Zachariadis, G. A.; Politou, A. S.; Tsiftsoglou, A. S.; Papadopoulou, L. C.24-Nov-2015-
Identification of distinct SET/TAF-Ibeta domains required for core histone binding and quantitative characterisation of the interactionKaretsou, Z.; Emmanouilidou, A.; Sanidas, I.; Liokatis, S.; Nikolakaki, E.; Politou, A. S.; Papamarcaki, T.24-Nov-2015-
Immunoglobulin-like modules from titin I-band: extensible components of muscle elasticityImprota, S.; Politou, A. S.; Pastore, A.24-Nov-2015-
Immunoglobulin-type domains of titin are stabilized by amino-terminal extensionPolitou, A. S.; Gautel, M.; Joseph, C.; Pastore, A.24-Nov-2015-
Immunoglobulin-type domains of titin: same fold, different stability?Politou, A. S.; Gautel, M.; Pfuhl, M.; Labeit, S.; Pastore, A.24-Nov-2015-
LBR TUDOR domain structure and its interactions with nuclear componentsLiokatis, S.; Edlich, C.; Nikolakaki, E.; Sattler, M.; Georgatos, S. D.; Politou, A. S.24-Nov-2015-
Parathymosin affects the binding of linker histone H1 to nucleosomes and remodels chromatin structureMartic, G.; Karetsou, Z.; Kefala, K.; Politou, A. S.; Clapier, C. R.; Straub, T.; Papamarcaki, T.24-Nov-2015-
Phosphorylation of histone H3 at Thr3 is part of a combinatorial pattern that marks and configures mitotic chromatinMarkaki, Y.; Christogianni, A.; Politou, A. S.; Georgatos, S. D.24-Nov-2015-