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Adjuvant cytotoxic and endocrine therapy in pre- and postmenopausal patients with breast cancer and one to nine infiltrated nodes: five-year results of the Hellenic Cooperative Oncology Group randomized HE 10/92 studyFountzilas, G.; Stathopoulos, G.; Kouvatseas, G.; Polychronis, A.; Klouvas, G.; Samantas, E.; Zamboglou, N.; Kyriakou, K.; Adamou, A.; Pectasidis, D.; Ekonomopoulos, T.; Kalofonos, H. P.; Bafaloukos, D.; Georgoulias, V.; Razis, E.; Koukouras, D.; Zombolas, V.; Kosmidis, P.; Skarlos, D.; Pavlidis, N.24-Nov-2015-
All about KRAS for clinical oncology practice: gene profile, clinical implications and laboratory recommendations for somatic mutational testing in colorectal cancerLinardou, H.; Briasoulis, E.; Dahabreh, I. J.; Mountzios, G.; Papadimitriou, C.; Papadopoulos, S.; Bafaloukos, D.; Kosmidis, P.; Murray, S.24-Nov-2015-
Bcl2 and p53 protein expression in metastatic carcinoma of unknown primary origin: biological and clinical implications. A Hellenic Co-operative Oncology Group studyBriasoulis, E.; Tsokos, M.; Fountzilas, G.; Bafaloukos, D.; Kosmidis, P.; Samantas, E.; Skarlos, D.; Nicolaides, C.; Pavlidis, N.24-Nov-2015-
Carboplatin alone compared with its combination with epirubicin and cyclophosphamide in untreated advanced epithelial ovarian cancer: a Hellenic co-operative oncology group studySkarlos, D. V.; Aravantinos, G.; Kosmidis, P.; Pavlidis, N.; Gennatas, K.; Beer, M.; Mylonakis, N.; Makrantonakis, P.; Klouvas, G.; Karpathios, S.; Linardou, H.; Konstantaras, C.; Fountzilas, G.24-Nov-2015-
Carboplatin plus paclitaxel in unknown primary carcinoma: a phase II Hellenic Cooperative Oncology Group StudyBriasoulis, E.; Kalofonos, H.; Bafaloukos, D.; Samantas, E.; Fountzilas, G.; Xiros, N.; Skarlos, D.; Christodoulou, C.; Kosmidis, P.; Pavlidis, N.24-Nov-2015-
Combination chemotherapy with cisplatin and/or doxorubicin in malignant mesothelioma. A retrospective study [corrected from prospective]Tsavaris, N.; Primikirios, N.; Mylonakis, N.; Varouchakis, G.; Dosios, T.; Pavlidis, N.; Skarlos, D.; Tasopoulos, T.; Dritsas, J.; Kosmidis, P.24-Nov-2015-
Combination chemotherapy with cisplatin, etoposide and irinotecan in patients with extensive small-cell lung cancer: A phase II study of the Hellenic Co-operative Oncology GroupPectasides, D.; Samantas, E.; Fountzilas, G.; Briasoulis, E.; Kosmidis, P.; Skarlos, D.; Dimopoulos, M. A.; Kalofonos, H. P.; Economopoulos, T.; Syrigos, K.24-Nov-2015-
Combination chemotherapy with cisplatin-vinblastine in malignant mesotheliomaTsavaris, N.; Mylonakis, N.; Karvounis, N.; Bacoyiannis, C.; Briasoulis, E.; Skarlos, D.; Pavlidis, N.; Stamatelos, G.; Kosmidis, P.24-Nov-2015-
Combination chemotherapy with low doses of weekly Carboplatin and oral Etoposide in poor risk small cell lung cancerSamantas, E.; Skarlos, D. V.; Pectasides, D.; Nicolaides, P.; Kalofonos, H.; Mylonakis, N.; Vardoulakis, T.; Kosmidis, P.; Pavlidis, N.; Fountzilas, G.24-Nov-2015-
Combination chemotherapy with paclitaxel and gemcitabine followed by concurrent chemoradiotherapy in non-operable localized non-small cell lung cancer. A hellenic cooperative oncology group (HeCOG) phase II studyKosmidis, P.; Fountzilas, G.; Baka, S.; Samantas, E.; Dimopoulos, A. M.; Gogas, H.; Skarlos, D.; Papacostas, P.; Boukovinas, J.; Bakogiannis, C.; Pantelakos, P.; Athanasiou, H.; Misailidou, D.; Tsekeris, P.; Pavlidis, N.24-Nov-2015-
Combination chemotherapy with paclitaxel plus carboplatin versus paclitaxel plus gemcitabine in inoperable non-small cell lung cancer: a phase III randomized study. Preliminary results. Hellenic Cooperative Oncology GroupKosmidis, P.; Mylonakis, N.; Dimopoulos, A.; Pavlidis, N.; Fountzilas, G.; Samantas, E.; Dimitriadis, K.; Kalophonos, C.; Tsavdaridis, D.; Skarlos, D.24-Nov-2015-
Combination regimen with carboplatin, epirubicin and etoposide in metastatic carcinomas of unknown primary site: A Hellenic Co-Operative Oncology Group Phase II StudyBriasoulis, E.; Tsavaris, N.; Fountzilas, G.; Athanasiadis, A.; Kosmidis, P.; Bafaloukos, D.; Skarlos, D.; Samantas, E.; Pavlidis, N.24-Nov-2015-
Cyclophosphamide, mitoxantrone, fluorouracil versus conventional CMF as adjuvant treatment in node-positive breast cancer patients. A Hellenic Cooperative Oncology Group StudyFountzilas, G.; Polichronis, A.; Katsohis, K.; Gennatas, K.; Toussis, D.; Skarlos, D.; Kosmidis, P.; Vassilaros, S.; Semoglou, C.; Giannakakis, T.; Fahantidis, E.; Klouvas, G.; Tsavaris, N.; Konstantaras, C.; Makrantonakis, P.; Kolotas, C.; Zamboglou, N.; Tsiliakos, S.; Hainoglou, D.; Mylonakis, N.; Pavlidis, N.24-Nov-2015-
Diffuse large cell lymphomas: identification of prognostic factors and validation of the International Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Prognostic Index. A Hellenic Cooperative Oncology Group StudyNicolaides, C.; Fountzilas, G.; Zoumbos, N.; Skarlos, D.; Kosmidis, P.; Pectasides, D.; Karabelis, A.; Giannakakis, T.; Symeonidis, A.; Papadopoulos, A.; Antoniou, F.; Pavlidis, N.24-Nov-2015-
Docetaxel and cisplatin combination chemotherapy in advanced carcinoma of the urothelium: A multicenter phase II study of the Hellenic Cooperative Oncology GroupDimopoulos, M. A.; Bakoyannis, C.; Georgoulias, V.; Papadimitriou, C.; Moulopoulos, L. A.; Deliveliotis, C.; Karayannis, A.; Varkarakis, I.; Aravantinos, G.; Zervas, A.; Pantazopoulos, D.; Fountzilas, G.; Bamias, A.; Kyriakakis, Z.; Anagnostopoulos, A.; Giannopoulos, A.; Kosmidis, P.24-Nov-2015-
Docetaxel and gemcitabine combination, as first-line treatment, in patients with extensive disease small-cell lung cancer. A phase II study of the Hellenic Cooperative Oncology GroupSkarlos, D. V.; Dimopoulos, A. M.; Kosmidis, P.; Papakostas, P.; Pavlidis, N.; Bacoyiannis, C.; Kiamouris, C.; Klouvas, G.; Gogas, H.; Fountzilas, G.; Samantas, E.24-Nov-2015-
Docetaxel in combination with dacarbazine in patients with advanced melanomaBafaloukos, D.; Aravantinos, G.; Fountzilas, G.; Stathopoulos, G.; Gogas, H.; Samonis, G.; Briasoulis, E.; Mylonakis, N.; Skarlos, D. V.; Kosmidis, P.24-Nov-2015-
Dose-dense adjuvant chemotherapy with epirubicin monotherapy in patients with operable breast cancer and >/=10 positive axillary lymph nodes. A feasibility studyFountzilas, G.; Nicolaides, C.; Aravantinos, G.; Skarlos, D.; Kosmidis, P.; Papakostas, P.; Stathopoulos, G. P.; Kontostolis, E.; Bafaloukos, D.; Pavlidis, N.24-Nov-2015-
Dose-dense sequential chemotherapy with epirubicin and paclitaxel in advanced breast cancerRazis, E.; Dimopoulos, A. M.; Bafaloukos, D.; Papadimitriou, C.; Kalogera-Fountzila, A.; Kalofonos, H.; Briassoulis, E.; Samantas, E.; Keramopoulos, A.; Pavlidis, N.; Kosmidis, P.; Fountzilas, G.24-Nov-2015-
Dose-dense sequential chemotherapy with epirubicin and paclitaxel versus the combination, as first-line chemotherapy, in advanced breast cancer: a randomized study conducted by the Hellenic Cooperative Oncology GroupFountzilas, G.; Papadimitriou, C.; Dafni, U.; Bafaloukos, D.; Skarlos, D.; Moulopoulos, L. A.; Razis, E.; Kalofonos, H. P.; Aravantinos, G.; Briassoulis, E.; Papakostas, P.; Abela, K.; Gogas, E.; Kosmidis, P.; Pavlidis, N.; Dimopoulos, M. A.24-Nov-2015-