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Adsorption and radical stabilization of humic-acid analogues and Pb2+ on restricted phyllomorphous clayGiannakopoulos, E.; Stathi, P.; Dimos, K.; Gournis, D.; Sanakis, Y.; Deligiannakis, Y.24-Nov-2015-
Application of FTIR and Mossbauer spectroscopy in analysis of some South Indian archaeological potteriesVenkatachalapathy, R.; Gournis, D.; Manoharan, C.; Dhanapandian, S.; Deenadayalan, K.24-Nov-2015-
Aqueous-dispersible fullerol-carbon nanotube hybridsBourlinos, A. B.; Georgakilas, V.; Bakandritsos, A.; Kouloumpis, A.; Gournis, D.; Zboril, R.24-Nov-2015-
Attachment of magnetic nanoparticles on carbon nanotubes and their soluble derivativesGeorgakilas, V.; Tzitzios, V.; Gournis, D.; Petridis, D.24-Nov-2015-
Carbon nanotubes encapsulating superconducting single-crystalline tin nanowiresJankovic, L.; Gournis, D.; Trikalitis, P. N.; Arfaoui, I.; Cren, T.; Rudolf, P.; Sage, M. H.; Palstra, T. T. M.; Kooi, B.; De Hosson, J.; Karakassides, M. A.; Dimos, K.; Moukarika, A.; Bakas, T.24-Nov-2015-
Catalytic production of carbon nanotubes over Fe-Ni bimetallic catalysts supported on MgOTsoufis, T.; Xidas, P.; Jankovic, L.; Gournis, D.; Saranti, A.; Bakas, T.; Karakassides, M. A.24-Nov-2015-
Catalytic synthesis of carbon nanotubes on clay mineralsGournis, D.; Karakassides, M. A.; Bakas, T.; Boukos, N.; Petridis, D.24-Nov-2015-
Charge transport in a single superconducting tin nanowire encapsulated in a multiwalled carbon nanotubeTombros, N.; Buit, L.; Arfaoui, I.; Tsoufis, T.; Gournis, D.; Trikalitis, P. N.; van der Molen, S. J.; Rudolf, P.; van Wees, B. J.24-Nov-2015-
The Chemistry of Organofunctionalized Silicon Cubanes in Swelling SmectitesPetridis, D.; Gournis, D.; Karakassides, M. A.24-Nov-2015-
Clay-aminopropylsiloxane compositionsSzabo, A.; Gournis, D.; Karakassides, M. A.; Petridis, D.24-Nov-2015-
Clay-fulleropyrrolidine nanocompositesGournis, D.; Jankovic, L.; Maccallini, E.; Benne, D.; Rudolf, P.; Colomer, J. F.; Sooambar, C.; Georgakilas, V.; Prato, M.; Fanti, M.; Zerbetto, F.; Sarova, G. H.; Guldi, D. M.24-Nov-2015-
Clays as a host matrix in the synthesis of organic macrocyclesGeorgakilas, V.; Gournis, D.; Bourlinos, A. B.; Karakassides, M. A.; Petridis, D.24-Nov-2015-
Comparative study of different types of graphenes as electrocatalysts for ascorbic acidStergiou, D. V.; Diamanti, E. K.; Gournis, D.; Prodromidis, M. I.24-Nov-2015-
Controlled preparation of carbon nanotube-iron oxide nanoparticle hybrid materials by a modified wet impregnation methodTsoufis, T.; Douvalis, A. P.; Lekka, C. E.; Trikalitis, P. N.; Bakas, T.; Gournis, D.24-Nov-2015-
Controlled Synthesis of Carbon-Encapsulated Copper Nanostructures by Using Smectite Clays as NanotemplatesTsoufis, T.; Colomer, J. F.; Maccallini, E.; Jankovic, L.; Rudolf, P.; Gournis, D.24-Nov-2015-
Decorating carbon nanotubes with metal or semiconductor nanoparticlesGeorgakilas, V.; Gournis, D.; Tzitzios, V.; Pasquato, L.; Guldi, D. M.; Prato, M.24-Nov-2015-
Development of effective nanobiocatalytic systems through the immobilization of hydrolases on functionalized carbon-based nanomaterialsPavlidis, I. V.; Vorhaben, T.; Tsoufis, T.; Rudolf, P.; Bornscheuer, U. T.; Gournis, D.; Stamatis, H.24-Nov-2015-
Effect of [Fe(CN)(6)](4-) Substitutions on the Spin-Flop Transition of a Layered Nickel PhyllosilicateDimos, K.; Panagiotopoulos, I.; Tsoufis, T.; Gengler, R. Y. N.; Moukarika, A.; Rudolf, P.; Karakassides, M. A.; Bakas, T.; Gournis, D.24-Nov-2015-
Effect of gamma-irradiation on clays and organoclays: a Mossbauer and XRD studyGournis, D.; Mantaka-Marketou, A. E.; Karakassides, M. A.; Petridis, D.24-Nov-2015-
Effective immobilization of Candida antarctica lipase B in organic-modified clays: Application for the epoxidation of terpenesTzialla, A. A.; Kalogeris, E.; Enotiadis, A.; Taha, A. A.; Gournis, D.; Stamatis, H.24-Nov-2015-