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TitleAuthor(s)Issue date
Circulating matrix metalloproteinase 3 due to myocardial ischemiaSiminelakis, S.; Kotsanti, A.; Kolaitis, N.; Niokou, D.; Vlachou, I.; Dimakopoulos, G.; Papadopoulou, C.24-Nov-2015
Early, intracoronary growth hormone administration attenuates ventricular remodeling in a porcine model of myocardial infarctionMitsi, A. C.; Hatzistergos, K. E.; Niokou, D.; Pappa, L.; Baltogiannis, G. G.; Tsalikakis, D. G.; Papalois, A.; Kyriakides, Z. S.; Malamou-Mitsi, V.; Kolettis, T. M.24-Nov-2015
Histologic comparison of vibrating guidewire with conventional guidewire technique in an experimental coronary in vivo modelKatsouras, C. S.; Michalis, L. K.; Malamou-Mitsi, V. D.; Niokou, D.; Giogiakas, V.; Nikas, D.; Massouras, G.; Dallas, P.; Tsetis, D. K.; Sideris, D. A.; Rees, M. R.24-Nov-2015
Intrapericardial drug delivery: pharmacologic properties and long-term safety in swineKolettis, T. M.; Kazakos, N.; Katsouras, C. S.; Niokou, D.; Pappa, L.; Koulouras, V.; Stefanou, P.; Seferiadis, C.; Malamou-Mitsi, V.; Michalis, L. K.; Marselos, M.; Sideris, D. A.24-Nov-2015
Treatment of refractory unstable angina in geographically isolated areas without cardiac surgery. Invasive versus conservative strategy (TRUCS study)Michalis, L. K.; Stroumbis, C. S.; Pappas, K.; Sourla, E.; Niokou, D.; Goudevenos, J. A.; Siogas, C.; Sideris, D. A.24-Nov-2015
Ventricular arrhythmias and antioxidative medication: experimental studyKarahaliou, A.; Katsouras, C.; Koulouras, V.; Nikas, D.; Niokou, D.; Papadopoulos, G.; Nakos, G.; Sideris, D.; Michalis, L.24-Nov-2015