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  Study of growth hormone secretion and action in growth-retarded children with juvenile chronic arthritis (JCA) (Journal article)

  Septal rupture after myocardial infarction: is very early surgery really worthwhile? (Journal article)

  Tracheal gas insufflation: catheter effectiveness determined by expiratory flush volume (Journal article)

  Concurrent platinum and docetaxel chemotherapy and external radical radiotherapy in patients with invasive transitional cell bladder carcinoma. A preliminary report of tolerance and local control (Journal article)

  Coronary blood flow changes during atrioventricular sequential pacing with different atrioventricular delays in normal individuals (Journal article)

  Functional assessment of the rat sciatic nerve following intraoperative expansion: the effect of recovery duration on behavioural, neurophysiological, and morphological measures (Journal article)

  Bronchoalveolar lavage fluid characteristics of early intermediate and late phases of ARDS. Alterations in leukocytes, proteins, PAF and surfactant components (Journal article)

  Comparison of viral load and human leukocyte antigen statistical and neural network predictive models for the rate of HIV-1 disease progression across two cohorts of homosexual men (Journal article)

  The role of stress in the regulation of drug metabolizing enzymes in mice (Journal article)

  Homologous intra-uterine insemination has no advantage over timed natural intercourse when used in combination with ovulation induction for the treatment of unexplained infertility (Journal article)