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  The emergence of digital storytelling and multimedia technology in improving greek language teaching and learning: challenges versus limitations. (Journal article)

  Όψεις του έξυπνου ταλαντούχου χαρισματικού ήρωα στη συγγραφή και στην ανάγνωση της παιδικής λογοτεχνίας (Journal article)

  The “X” point in education: when imagination is lost (Journal article)

  Imagination in literacy through visualization and creative language (Journal article)

  Toward an ethical model of teaching literacy: an overview of narrative theories (Journal article)

  Η διδακτική της γλώσσας στα Παιδαγωγικά τμήματα Δημοτικής Εκπαίδευσης στο εξωτερικό: συγκριτική μελέτη. (Conference presentation)

  Oral language acquisition with children having language difficulties in learning Greek as a second language: the uses of creative teaching strategies in multicultural settings. (Journal article)

  Oral and moral expression in language settings – Implied dilemmas in literacy acquisition: an emprirical phenomenological study of 7 to 9 year old Greek children’s ethical reflection on creative storytelling (Journal article)

  European unification and educational challenges in the Balkans (Book chapter)

  Meta-cognitive and meta-linguistic awareness of students’ knowledge on argumentation in defining the terms argument and counterargument (Journal article)