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Ab Initio υπολογισμοί για το σύστημα (BrO)2 και δυναμική μελέτη της αντίδρασης διμερισμού BrO + BrOΠαπαγιάννης, Δημήτριος Κ.23-Nov-2015-
Addressing direct crowding in/out by deriving and estimating an euler equation for investmentSyrogiannouli, Lamprini27-May-2020-
Advanced methods for testing multi-core SoCsΒαρτζιώτης, Φώτιος6-Feb-2017-
Algorithmic techniques for detection and classification of digital objectsPolenakis, Iosif18-Feb-2020-
Algorithms and tools for deriving editable models from cross-sectional data setssΚυριαζής, Ιωάννης13-Apr-2018-
Amorphous or nanostructured composite films with predefined propertiesPanagiotopoulos, Nikolaos T.26-Oct-2015-
Automated representation, quality assessment, visualization, and adaptation to change for data intensive ecosystemsΜανούσης, Πέτρος3-Jul-2019-
Aπό τον Εύδημο τον Pόδιο στον Διόδωρο τον Tύριο - βιογραφίες εκπροσωπών της Περιπατητικής ΣχολήςΝτρίκος, Σπυρίδων Ι.2-Jul-2019-
Blood flow modelling in arteries with deformable wallsΣιόγκας, Παναγιώτης Κ.26-Nov-2018-
Characterization, cutting mechanisms and machinability of lead-free brassesΤουλφατζής, Αναγνώστης Ι.15-Jul-2019-
The CMS barrel muon track finder and upgrades for HL-LHCsMallios, Stavros24-Jun-2020-
Collagen morphometric analysis in liver biopsies of patients with chronic viral hepatitis (HCV or HBV) predicts virological responsesTsianou, Zoi E.3-Jul-2020-
Comparison of traditional botano - therapeutics between far - eastern countries and GreeceChe, Jayoung19-Dec-2016-
Computational methods for atherosclerotic plaque characterizationΑθανασίου, Λάμπρος Σ.8-Dec-2016-
Computational study, design and applications of nano-composite metallo-dielectric photonic materialsΜπελλάς, Δημήτριος9-Dec-2016-
Construction and phenomenological analysis of GUTs in superstring and D-brane theoriesΚαρόζας, Αθανάσιος19-Jul-2019-
Construction of approximately equiangular tight frames and their applicatiosΤσιλιγιάννη, Ευαγγελία12-Dec-2016-
Cross-layer resource allocation for video transmission over wireless multi-access networksΚάτσενου, Αγγελική27-Oct-2015-
David Hume: η κριτική της αιτιότητας ως απόπειρα θεμελίωσης μιας "αληθούς μεταφυσικής".Πουρνάρη, Μαρία27-Nov-2015-
Determination of copper in biological materials by sensitive absorption spectrophotometryCalin, Alexandru15-Oct-2015-