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Combined Radiotherapy and Indomethacin for the Prevention of Heterotopic Ossification after Total Hip ArthroplastyPakos, E. E.; Stafilas, K. S.; Tsekeris, P. G.; Politis, A. N.; Mitsionis, G.; Xenakis, T. A.24-Nov-2015-
Decompressive surgery for degenerative lumbar spinal stenosis: long-term resultsGelalis, I. D.; Stafilas, K. S.; Korompilias, A. V.; Zacharis, K. C.; Beris, A. E.; Xenakis, T. A.24-Nov-2015-
Heterotopic ossification after total hip arthroplasty (THA) in congenital hip disease: comparison of two different prophylactic protocolsPakos, E. E.; Stafilas, K. S.; Politis, A. N.; Tsekeris, P. G.; Mitsionis, G.; Xenakis, T. A.24-Nov-2015-
Intrinsic haemangioma of the median nerve: report of a case and review of the literatureVekris, M. D.; Stafilas, K. S.; Zacharis, K. X.; Xenakis, T. A.; Soucacos, P. N.; Beris, A. E.24-Nov-2015-
Migration of the trabecular metal monoblock acetabular cup systemKostakos, A. T.; Macheras, G. A.; Frangakis, C. E.; Stafilas, K. S.; Baltas, D.; Xenakis, T. A.24-Nov-2015-
Multicentre use of a porous tantalum monoblock acetabular componentXenakis, T. A.; Macheras, G. A.; Stafilas, K. S.; Kostakos, A. T.; Bargiotas, K.; Malizos, K. N.24-Nov-2015-
Normative data on hand grip strength in a Greek adult populationMitsionis, G.; Pakos, E. E.; Stafilas, K. S.; Paschos, N.; Papakostas, T.; Beris, A. E.24-Nov-2015-
Three-dimensional analysis of cervical spine motion: reliability of a computer assisted magnetic tracking device compared to inclinometerGelalis, I. D.; DeFrate, L. E.; Stafilas, K. S.; Pakos, E. E.; Kang, J. D.; Gilbertson, L. G.24-Nov-2015-
Total hip arthroplasty in children with juvenile chronic arthritis: long-term resultsKitsoulis, P. B.; Stafilas, K. S.; Siamopoulou, A.; Soucacos, P. N.; Xenakis, T. A.24-Nov-2015-
Use of (99m)Tc-sulesomab for the diagnosis of prosthesis infection after total joint arthroplastyPakos, E. E.; Fotopoulos, A. D.; Stafilas, K. S.; Gavriilidis, I.; Al Boukarali, G.; Tsiouris, S.; Xenakis, T. A.24-Nov-2015-