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Can circulated lung cancer cells pass to the urine without apparent urine tract metastases? A single centre seriesKamposioras, K.; Pentheroudakis, G.; Malamou-Mitsi, V.; Pappa, L.; Bafa, M.; Pavlidis, N.24-Nov-2015-
Contribution of exfoliative cytology to the diagnosis of laryngeal lesionsMalamou-Mitsi, V. D.; Assimakopoulos, D. A.; Goussia, A.; Pappa, L.; Skevas, A. T.; Agnantis, N. J.24-Nov-2015-
Early, intracoronary growth hormone administration attenuates ventricular remodeling in a porcine model of myocardial infarctionMitsi, A. C.; Hatzistergos, K. E.; Niokou, D.; Pappa, L.; Baltogiannis, G. G.; Tsalikakis, D. G.; Papalois, A.; Kyriakides, Z. S.; Malamou-Mitsi, V.; Kolettis, T. M.24-Nov-2015-
Expanded cytological referral criteria for colposcopy in cervical screening: comparison with human papillomavirus testingParaskevaidis, E.; Malamou-Mitsi, V.; Koliopoulos, G.; Pappa, L.; Lolis, E.; Georgiou, I.; Agnantis, N. J.24-Nov-2015-
Factors affecting outcome after incomplete excision of cervical intraepithelial neoplasiaParaskevaidis, E.; Kalantaridou, S. N.; Paschopoulos, M.; Zikopoulos, K.; Diakomanolis, E.; Dalkalitsis, N.; Makrydimas, G.; Pappa, L.; Malamou-Mitsi, V.; Agnantis, N. J.24-Nov-2015-
Fine-needle aspiration of secondary malignancies of the penis: a report of three casesTsanou, E.; Sintou-Mantela, E.; Pappa, L.; Grammeniatis, E.; Malamou-Mitsi, V.24-Nov-2015-
Intrapericardial drug delivery: pharmacologic properties and long-term safety in swineKolettis, T. M.; Kazakos, N.; Katsouras, C. S.; Niokou, D.; Pappa, L.; Koulouras, V.; Stefanou, P.; Seferiadis, C.; Malamou-Mitsi, V.; Michalis, L. K.; Marselos, M.; Sideris, D. A.24-Nov-2015-
Large loop excision of the transformation zone for treating cervical intraepithelial neoplasia: a 12-year experienceParaskevaidis, E.; Koliopoulos, G.; Malamou-Mitsi, V.; Zikopoulos, K.; Paschopoulos, M.; Pappa, L.; Agnantis, N. J.; Loli, D. E.24-Nov-2015-
Local immune response after intravesical interferon gamma in superficial bladder cancerStavropoulos, N. E.; Ioachim, E.; Pavlidis, N.; Pappa, L.; Kalomiris, P.; Agnantis, N. J.24-Nov-2015-
Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor in the parotid glandPappa, L.; Bafa, M.; Papadiotis, E.; Malamou-Mitsi, V.24-Nov-2015-
Management and evolution of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia during pregnancy and postpartumParaskevaidis, E.; Koliopoulos, G.; Kalantaridou, S.; Pappa, L.; Navrozoglou, I.; Zikopoulos, K.; Lolis, D. E.24-Nov-2015-
An observational study of women with positive HPV-DNA tests and normal cytology and colposcopyParaskevaidis, E.; Davidson, E. J.; Malamou-Mitsi, V.; Hirsch, P. M.; Pappa, L.; Koliopoulos, G.; Lolis, E.; Zikopoulos, K.; Paschopoulos, M.; Doussias, V.; Agnantis, N.24-Nov-2015-
Positive urinary cytology in patients with lung cancer in the absence of obvious urine tract metastasesVoulgaris, E.; Pentheroudakis, G.; Pappa, L.; Bafa, M.; Goussia, A.; Dalezis, P.; Tsombanidou, C.; Geromichalos, G.; Papageorgiou, A.; Koutsilieris, M.; Malamou-Mitsi, V.; Pavlidis, N.24-Nov-2015-
The presence of proprioceptive mechanoreceptors in the remnants of the ruptured ACL as a possible source of re-innervation of the ACL autograftGeorgoulis, A. D.; Pappa, L.; Moebius, U.; Malamou-Mitsi, V.; Pappa, S.; Papageorgiou, C. O.; Agnantis, N. J.; Soucacos, P. N.24-Nov-2015-
A rare case of primary malignant melanoma of the scrotum diagnosed by fine-needle aspirationDamala, K.; Tsanou, E.; Pappa, L.; Sintou-Mantela, E.; Peschos, D.; Agnantis, N. J.; Malamou-Mitsi, V.24-Nov-2015-
Screening transvaginal uterine ultrasonography for identifying endometrial pathology in postmenopausal womenParaskevaidis, E.; Papadimitriou, D.; Kalantaridou, S. N.; Pappa, L.; Malamou-Mitsi, V.; Zikopoulos, K.; Kazantzis, E.; Lolis, E. D.; Agnantis, N. J.24-Nov-2015-
Spontaneous evolution of human papillomavirus infection in the uterine cervixParaskevaidis, E.; Kalantaridou, S. N.; Georgiou, I.; Koliopoulos, G.; Pappa, L.; Malamou-Mitsi, V.; Agnantis, N. J.; Kitchener, H. C.; Lolis, D. E.24-Nov-2015-
Subcutaneous metastasis of peritoneal mesothelioma diagnosed by fine-needle aspirationPappa, L.; Machera, M.; Tsanou, E.; Damala, C.; Peschos, D.; Bafa, M.; Malamou-Mitsi, V.24-Nov-2015-
Sudden death due to an unrecognized cardiac hydatid cystMalamou-Mitsi, V.; Pappa, L.; Vougiouklakis, T.; Peschos, D.; Kazakos, N.; Grekas, G.; Sideris, D.; Agnantis, N. J.24-Nov-2015-
Transvaginal uterine ultrasonography compared with endometrial biopsy for the detection of endometrial disease in perimenopausal women with uterine bleedingParaskevaidis, E.; Kalantaridou, S. N.; Papadimitriou, D.; Pappa, L.; Malamou-Mitsi, V.; Zikopoulos, K.; Kazantzis, E.; Lolis, E. D.; Agnantis, N. J.24-Nov-2015-