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Acute urticaria associated with amoeboid forms of Blastocystis sp. subtype 3Katsarou-Katsari, A.; Vassalos, C. M.; Tzanetou, K.; Spanakos, G.; Papadopoulou, C.; Vakalis, N.24-Nov-2015-
Allergy-associated symptoms in relation to childhood non-Hodgkin's as contrasted to Hodgkin's lymphomas: A case-control study in Greece and meta-analysisDikalioti, S. K.; Chang, E. T.; Dessypris, N.; Papadopoulou, C.; Skenderis, N.; Pourtsidis, A.; Moschovi, M.; Polychronopoulou, S.; Athanasiadou-Piperopoulou, F.; Sidi, V.; Kalmanti, M.; Petridou, E. T.24-Nov-2015-
Antifungal activity of plant essential oils against wild strains of Candida spp. isolated from hospitalized patientsSakkas, H.; Gousia, P.; Economou, V.; Arvanitidou, M.; Levidiotou, S.; Papadopoulou, C.24-Nov-2015-
Antimicrobial resistance of major foodborne pathogens from major meat productsGousia, P.; Economou, V.; Sakkas, H.; Leveidiotou, S.; Papadopoulou, C.24-Nov-2015-
Application of a polymerase chain reaction enzyme immunoassay in peripheral whole blood and serum specimens for diagnosis of acute human brucellosisVrioni, G.; Gartzonika, C.; Kostoula, A.; Boboyianni, C.; Papadopoulou, C.; Levidiotou, S.24-Nov-2015-
Attendance at chlorinated indoor pools and risk of asthma in adult recreational swimmersFerrari, M.; Schenk, K.; Mantovani, W.; Papadopoulou, C.; Posenato, C.; Ferrari, P.; Poli, A.; Tardivo, S.24-Nov-2015-
Bacterial strains isolated from eggs and their resistance to currently used antibiotics: is there a health hazard for consumers?Papadopoulou, C.; Dimitriou, D.; Levidiotou, S.; Gessouli, H.; Panagiou, A.; Golegou, S.; Antoniades, G.24-Nov-2015-
Blastocystosis: an emerging or re-emerging potential zoonosis?Vassalos, C. M.; Papadopoulou, C.; Vakalis, N. C.24-Nov-2015-
Changes in histamine and microbiological analyses in fresh and frozen tuna muscle during temperature abuseEconomou, V.; Brett, M.; Papadopoulou, C.; Frillingos, S.; Nichols, T.24-Nov-2015-
Circulating matrix metalloproteinase 3 due to myocardial ischemiaSiminelakis, S.; Kotsanti, A.; Kolaitis, N.; Niokou, D.; Vlachou, I.; Dimakopoulos, G.; Papadopoulou, C.24-Nov-2015-
The contribution of pathological examination of the placenta in the investigation of the causes of foetal mortalityAgapitos, E.; Papadopoulou, C.; Kavantzas, N.; Papoulias, J.; Antonaki, V.; Davaris, P.24-Nov-2015-
Cryptosporidial infection in broiler chickens in GreecePapadopoulou, C.; Xylouri, E.; Zisides, N.24-Nov-2015-
Detection of chlamydia trachomatis antigen using the direct immunofluorescence technique: a four year survey in Northwestern GreeceKostoula, A. G.; Bobojianni, C.; Dea, A. D.; Deska, E. A.; Papadopoulou, C.; Antoniades, G.24-Nov-2015-
Detection of mycobacteria in clinical specimen using the mycobacteria growth indicator tube (MGIT) and the Lowenstein Jensen mediumLevidiotou, S.; Papamichael, D.; Gessouli, E.; Golegou, S.; Anagnostou, S.; Galanakis, E.; Papadopoulou, C.; Antoniadis, G.24-Nov-2015-
Determination of trace element Ag and Sc concentrations in human cataractous lensesTheodossiadis, G.; Kouris, T.; Papadopoulou, C.24-Nov-2015-
Diarrheic shellfish poisoning due to toxic mussel consumption: the first recorded outbreak in GreeceEconomou, V.; Papadopoulou, C.; Brett, M.; Kansouzidou, A.; Charalabopoulos, K.; Filioussis, G.; Seferiadis, K.24-Nov-2015-
Differences in clinical significance and morphologic features of Blastocystis sp subtype 3Vassalos, C. M.; Spanakos, G.; Vassalou, E.; Papadopoulou, C.; Vakalis, N.24-Nov-2015-
Differentiation of S-Gallinarum and S-Pullorum by Means of Growth-Kinetics AnalysisPapadopoulou, C.; Ioannides, K.24-Nov-2015-
Direct detection of Blastocystis sp. in human faecal samples and subtype assignment using single strand conformational polymorphism and sequencingMenounos, P. G.; Spanakos, G.; Tegos, N.; Vassalos, C. M.; Papadopoulou, C.; Vakalis, N. C.24-Nov-2015-
The effect of short-time microwave exposures on Escherichia coli O157 : H7 inoculated onto chicken meat portions and whole chickensApostolou I; Papadopoulou, C.; Levidiotou, S.; Ioannides, K.24-Nov-2015-