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Alterations in cell death and cell cycle progression in the UV-irradiated epidermis of bcl-2-deficient miceGillardon, F.; Moll, I.; Meyer, M.; Michaelidis, T. M.24-Nov-2015-
The bcl-2 knockout mouse exhibits marked changes in osteoblast phenotype and collagen deposition in bone as well as a mild growth plate phenotypeBoot-Handford, R. P.; Michaelidis, T. M.; Hillarby, M. C.; Zambelli, A.; Denton, J.; Hoyland, J. A.; Freemont, A. J.; Grant, M. E.; Wallis, G. A.24-Nov-2015-
Cell density increases Bcl-2 and Bcl-x expression in addition to survival of cultured cerebellar granule neuronsOhga, Y.; Zirrgiebel, U.; HamnΓ©r, S.; Michaelidis, T. M.; Cooper, J.; Thoenen, H.; Lindholm, D.24-Nov-2015-
Enhancement of p53 activity and inhibition of neural cell proliferation by glucocorticoid receptor activationCrochemore, C.; Michaelidis, T. M.; Fischer, D.; Loeffler, J. P.; Almeida, O. F. X.24-Nov-2015-
Glucocorticoids trigger Alzheimer disease-like pathobiochemistry in rat neuronal cells expressing human tauSotiropoulos, I.; Catania, C.; Riedemann, T.; Fry, J. P.; Breen, K. C.; Michaelidis, T. M.; Almeida, O. F. X.24-Nov-2015-
The Human Glutamate-Dehydrogenase Gene Family - Gene Organization and Structural CharacterizationMichaelidis, T. M.; Tzimagiorgis, G.; Moschonas, N. K.; Papamatheakis, J.24-Nov-2015-
Inactivation of bcl-2 results in progressive degeneration of motoneurons, sympathetic and sensory neurons during early postnatal developmentMichaelidis, T. M.; Sendtner, M.; Cooper, J. D.; Airaksinen, M. S.; Holtmann, B.; Meyer, M.; Thoenen, H.24-Nov-2015-
Introduction of the negative selection marker into replacement vectors by a single ligation stepTzimagiorgis, G.; Michaelidis, T. M.; Lindholm, D.; Thoenen, H.24-Nov-2015-
Isolation of the Cdna and Chromosomal Localization of the Gene (Tax1) Encoding the Human Axonal Glycoprotein Tag-1Tsiotra, P. C.; Karagogeos, D.; Theodorakis, K.; Michaelidis, T. M.; Modi, W. S.; Furley, A. J.; Jessell, T. M.; Papamatheakis, J.24-Nov-2015-
The manifold actions of the protein inhibitor of activated STAT proteins on the transcriptional activity of mineralocorticoid and glucocorticoid receptors in neural cellsTirard, M.; Jasbinsek, J.; Almeida, O. F. X.; Michaelidis, T. M.24-Nov-2015-
Mechanism of inhibition of RNA polymerase I transcription by DNA-dependent protein kinaseMichaelidis, T. M.; Grummt, I.24-Nov-2015-
Mechanisms underlying the protective potential of alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E) against haloperidol-associated neurotoxicityPost, A.; Rucker, M.; Ohl, F.; Uhr, M.; Holsboer, F.; Almeida, O. F. X.; Michaelidis, T. M.24-Nov-2015-
Mitotic silencing of human rRNA synthesis: inactivation of the promoter selectivity factor SL1 by cdc2 cyclin B-mediated phosphorylationHeix, J.; Vente, A.; Voit, R.; Budde, A.; Michaelidis, T. M.; Grummt, I.24-Nov-2015-
Neurotransmitter phenotype-specific expression changes in developing sympathetic neuronsApostolova, G.; Dorn, R.; Ka, S.; Hallbook, F.; Lundeberg, J.; Liser, K.; Hakim, V.; Brodski, C.; Michaelidis, T. M.; Dechant, G.24-Nov-2015-
Novel Human Glutamate-Dehydrogenase Expressed in Neural and Testicular Tissues and Encoded by an X-Linked Intronless GeneShashidharan, P.; Michaelidis, T. M.; Robakis, N. K.; Kresovali, A.; Papamatheakis, J.; Plaitakis, A.24-Nov-2015-
SoxC Transcription Factors Are Required for Neuronal Differentiation in Adult Hippocampal NeurogenesisMu, L. F.; Berti, L.; Masserdotti, G.; Covic, M.; Michaelidis, T. M.; Doberauer, K.; Merz, K.; Rehfeld, F.; Haslinger, A.; Wegner, M.; Sock, E.; Lefebvre, V.; Couillard-Despres, S.; Aigner, L.; Berninger, B.; Lie, D. C.24-Nov-2015-
Subtle shifts in the ratio between pro- and antiapoptotic molecules after activation of corticosteroid receptors decide neuronal fateAlmeida, O. F. X.; Conde, G. L.; Crochemore, C.; Demeneix, B. A.; Fischer, D.; Hassan, A. H. S.; Meyer, M.; Holsboer, F.; Michaelidis, T. M.24-Nov-2015-
Sumoylation and proteasomal activity determine the transactivation properties of the mineralocorticoid receptorTirard, M.; Almeida, O. F. X.; Hutzler, P.; Melchior, F.; Michaelidis, T. M.24-Nov-2015-
Targeted disruption of the bcl-2 gene in mice exacerbates focal ischemic brain injuryHata, R.; Gillardon, F.; Michaelidis, T. M.; Hossmann, K. A.24-Nov-2015-
Wnt signaling and neural stem cells: caught in the Wnt webMichaelidis, T. M.; Lie, D. C. C.24-Nov-2015-