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Akinetic mutism followed by a manic reaction on introduction of steroid replacement for Addison's diseaseKalambokis, G.; Konitsiotis, S.; Pappas, D.; Tsianos, E. V.24-Nov-2015-
Association of liver cirrhosis related IgA nephropathy with portal hypertensionKalambokis, G.; Christou, L.; Stefanou, D.; Arkoumani, E.; Tsianos, E. V.24-Nov-2015-
Beneficial haemodynamic and renal sodium handling effects of combined midodrine and octreotide treatment in a cirrhotic patient with large hepatic hydrothorax and mild ascitesKalambokis, G.; Fotopoulos, A.; Economou, M.; Tsianos, E. V.24-Nov-2015-
Bronchiolitis obliterans organizing pneumonia following chlorambucil treatment for chronic lymphocytic leukemiaKalambokis, G.; Stefanou, D.; Arkoumani, E.; Tsianos, E.24-Nov-2015-
A case of insulin edema with inappropriate hyperaldosteronismKalambokis, G.; Tsatsoulis, A.; Economou, G.; Tsianos, E. V.24-Nov-2015-
Clinical outcome of HCV-related graft cirrhosis and prognostic value of hepatic venous pressure gradientKalambokis, G.; Manousou, P.; Samonakis, D.; Grillo, F.; Dhillon, A. P.; Patch, D.; O'Beirne, J.; Rolles, K.; Burroughs, A. K.24-Nov-2015-
Combined HLA-DR and -DQ disparity is associated with a stable course of ulcerative colitis after liver transplantation for primary sclerosing cholangitisCholongitas, E.; Papatheodoridis, G. V.; Zappoli, P.; Giannakopoulos, A.; Patch, D.; Marelli, L.; Shusang, V.; Kalambokis, G.; Shirling, G.; Rolando, N.; Burroughs, A. K.24-Nov-2015-
A comparison of four- versus three-pass transjugular biopsy using a 19-G Tru-Cut needle and a randomized study using a cassette to prevent biopsy fragmentationVibhakorn, S.; Cholongitas, E.; Kalambokis, G.; Manousou, P.; Quaglia, A.; Marelli, L.; Senzolo, M.; Patch, D.; Dhillon, A.; Burroughs, A. K.24-Nov-2015-
Concurrent development of spontaneous pyomyositis due to Staphylococcus epidermidis and Kikuchi-Fujimoto diseaseKalambokis, G.; Economou, G.; Nikas, S.; Bai, M.; Lampri, E.; Kosta, P.; Tsianos, E. V.24-Nov-2015-
Digital image analysis of liver collagen predicts clinical outcome of recurrent hepatitis C virus 1 year after liver transplantationManousou, P.; Dhillon, A. P.; Isgro, G.; Calvaruso, V.; Luong, T. V.; Tsochatzis, E.; Xirouchakis, E.; Kalambokis, G.; Cross, T. J.; Rolando, N.; O'Beirne, J.; Patch, D.; Thornburn, D.; Burroughs, A. K.24-Nov-2015-
Disseminated intravascular coagulation associated with cytomegalovirus infection in a patient with hepatitis C virus cirrhosisKalambokis, G.; Theodorou, A.; Tsianos, E. V.24-Nov-2015-
Does the severity of primary sclerosing cholangitis influence the clinical course of associated ulcerative colitis?Marelli, L.; Xirouchakis, E.; Kalambokis, G.; Cholongitas, E.; Hamilton, M. I.; Burroughs, A. K.24-Nov-2015-
Effects of a 7-day treatment with midodrine in non-azotemic cirrhotic patients with and without ascitesKalambokis, G.; Fotopoulos, A.; Economou, M.; Pappas, K.; Tsianos, E. V.24-Nov-2015-
The effects of chronic treatment with octreotide versus octreotide plus midodrine on systemic hemodynamics and renal hemodynamics and function in nonazotemic cirrhotic patients with ascitesKalambokis, G.; Economou, M.; Fotopoulos, A.; Al Bokharhii, J.; Pappas, C.; Katsaraki, A.; Tsianos, E. V.24-Nov-2015-
Effects of nitric oxide inhibition by methylene blue in cirrhotic patients with ascitesKalambokis, G.; Economou, M.; Fotopoulos, A.; Bokharhii, J. A.; Christos, P.; Paraskevi, K.; Konstantinos, P.; Katsaraki, A.; Tsianos, E. V.24-Nov-2015-
Effects of somatostatin, terlipressin and somatostatin plus terlipressin on portal and systemic hemodynamics and renal sodium excretion in patients with cirrhosisKalambokis, G.; Economou, M.; Paraskevi, K.; Konstantinos, P.; Pappas, C.; Katsaraki, A.; Tsianos, E. V.24-Nov-2015-
Effects of terlipressin and somatostatin on liver and thorax blood volumes in patients with cirrhosisKalambokis, G.; Tsiouris, S.; Tsianos, E. V.; Baltayiannis, G.; Pakou, B.; Fotopoulos, A.24-Nov-2015-
The effects of treatment with octreotide, diuretics, or both on portal hemodynamics in nonazotemic cirrhotic patients with ascitesKalambokis, G.; Economou, M.; Kosta, P.; Papadimitriou, K.; Tsianos, E. V.24-Nov-2015-
Endotoxaemia in the pathogenesis of cytopenias in liver cirrhosis. Could oral antibiotics raise blood counts?Kalambokis, G.; Tsianos, E. V.24-Nov-2015-
Extrarespiratory Chlamydia pneumoniae infection associated with immune disorder, hepatitis and renal diseaseKalambokis, G.; Ekonomou, G.; Kitsanou, M.; Kostoula, A.; Bobojianni, C.; Tsianos, E.24-Nov-2015-