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Could X-ray microbeams inhibit angioplasty-induced restenosis in the rat carotid artery?Dilmanian, F. A.; Kalef-Ezra, J.; Petersen, M. J.; Bozios, G.; Vosswinkel, J.; Giron, F.; Ren, B.; Yakupov, R.; Antonakopoulos, G.24-Nov-2015-
Evolution of a focal brain lesion produced by interlaced microplanar X-raysAnschel, D. J.; Romanelli, P.; Benveniste, H.; Foerster, B.; Kalef-Ezra, J.; Zhong, Z.; Dilmanian, F. A.24-Nov-2015-
Gold nanoparticles enhance the radiation therapy of a murine squamous cell carcinomaHainfeld, J. F.; Dilmanian, F. A.; Zhong, Z.; Slatkin, D. N.; Kalef-Ezra, J. A.; Smilowitz, H. M.24-Nov-2015-
Microbeam radiation therapy: tissue dose penetration and BANG-gel dosimetry of thick-beams' array interlacingDilmanian, F. A.; Romanelli, P.; Zhong, Z.; Wang, R.; Wagshul, M. E.; Kalef-Ezra, J.; Maryanski, M. J.; Rosen, E. M.; Anschel, D. J.24-Nov-2015-
Murine EMT-6 carcinoma: high therapeutic efficacy of microbeam radiation therapyDilmanian, F. A.; Morris, G. M.; Zhong, N.; Bacarian, T.; Hainfeld, J. F.; Kalef-Ezra, J.; Brewington, L. J.; Tammam, J.; Rosen, E. M.24-Nov-2015-
Response of avian embryonic brain to spatially segmented x-ray microbeamsDilmanian, F. A.; Morris, G. M.; Le Duc, G.; Huang, X.; Ren, B.; Bacarian, T.; Allen, J. C.; Kalef-Ezra, J.; Orion, I.; Rosen, E. M.; Sandhu, T.; Sathe, P.; Wu, X. Y.; Zhong, Z.; Shivaprasad, H. L.24-Nov-2015-
Response of rat intracranial 9L gliosarcoma to microbeam radiation therapyDilmanian, F. A.; Button, T. M.; Le Duc, G.; Zhong, N.; Pena, L. A.; Smith, J. A.; Martinez, S. R.; Bacarian, T.; Tammam, J.; Ren, B.; Farmer, P. M.; Kalef-Ezra, J.; Micca, P. L.; Nawrocky, M. M.; Niederer, J. A.; Recksiek, F. P.; Fuchs, A.; Rosen, E. M.24-Nov-2015-
Tissue-sparing effect of x-ray microplanar beams particularly in the CNS: is a bystander effect involved?Dilmanian, F. A.; Qu, Y.; Feinendegen, L. E.; Pena, L. A.; Bacarian, T.; Henn, F. A.; Kalef-Ezra, J.; Liu, S.; Zhong, Z.; McDonald, J. W.24-Nov-2015-