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Accounting Reform and IPSAS Adoption in Greece.Chytis, Evangelos; Georgopoulos, Ioannis; Tasios, Stergios; Vrodou, Ioanna23-Feb-2021-
Bankruptcy prediction and homogeneity of firm samples: The case of Greece.Arnis, Nikolaos; Chytis, Evangelos; Kolias, Georgios2-Mar-2021-
Corporate internet disclosures during the coronavirus pandemic.Tasios, Stergios; Chytis, Evangelos; Karametou, Panagiota; Tagkas, Periklis25-Feb-2021-
The efect of corporate governance mechanisms on tax planning during fnancial crisis: an empirical study of companies listed on the Athens stock exchange.Chytis, Evangelos; Tasios, Stergios; Filos, Ioannis1-Mar-2021-
Factors affecting Firm Performance in periods of Financial Crisis: Evidence from the listed on the Athens Stock Exchange Food Companies.Chytis, Evangelos; Tasios, Stergios; Arnis, Nikolaos2-Mar-2021-
Financial and non-financial web-based corporate disclosures during the COVID-19 pandemic.Tasios, Stergios; Chytis, Evangelos; Karametou, Panagiota; Tagkas, Periklis25-Feb-2021-
Financial crisis and corporate failure: The going concern assumption Findings from Athens stock exchange.Gkouma, Olympia; Filos, John; Chytis, Evangelos2-Mar-2021-
The informative value of taxes: The case of temporal differences in tax accounting.Chytis, Evangelos2-Mar-2021-
Performance of the Greek banking sector pre and throughout the financial crisis.Chatzi, Iliana; Diakomihalis, Mihail; Chytis, Evangelos4-Mar-2021-
The relationship between tax avoidance, company characteristics and corporate governance: Evidence from Greece.Chytis, Evangelos; Tasios, Stergios; Georgopoulos, Ioannis; Hortis, Zois1-Mar-2021-