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B. R. Haydon and Racial Science: the Politics of the Human Figure and the Art Profession in the Early Nineteenth CenturyΣαραφιανός, Άρης24-Nov-2015-
Burke's Physiological Iconography of Aesthetic Perception and the Invention of Sublime MedicineΣαραφιανός, Άρης24-Nov-2015-
Casts and Drawings at the Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia: Jenty, Rymsdyk and Early American Medicine and AnatomyΣαραφιανός, Άρης24-Nov-2015-
The Contractility of Burke's Sublime and Heterodoxies in Medicine and ArtΣαραφιανός, Άρης24-Nov-2015-
The Diaspora of Greek Painting in the Nineteenth Century: Christou's Model and the Case of Marie Spartali - StillmanΣαραφιανός, Άρης24-Nov-2015-
George Stubbs's Dissection of the Horse and the Expressiveness of FacsimilesΣαραφιανός, Άρης11-Dec-2015-
History, Philosophy and the Life Sciences: Hostile Responses to Burke's Sublime Empiricism and the Resurgence of the Aesthetic TodayΣαραφιανός, Άρης15-Dec-2015-
The Natural History of Man and the Politics of Medical Portraiture in ManchesterΣαραφιανός, Άρης24-Nov-2015-
Pain / Excess: The Medical Mutations of the Burkean SublimeΣαραφιανός, Άρης24-Nov-2015-
The Politics of “Prodigious Excitement”: Art, Anatomy and Physiology for the Age of OppositionΣαραφιανός, Άρης24-Nov-2015-
Sensory Politics and Art History: Formalism and Modern Ways of LifeΣαραφιανός, Άρης24-Nov-2015-
Stubbs, Walpole and Burke: Convulsive Imitation and 'Truth Extorted'Σαραφιανός, Άρης24-Nov-2015-
Sublime Action: George Stubbs’s Lion and Horse seriesΣαραφιανός, Άρης24-Nov-2015-