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Ariew Roger - Barker Peter "Introduction"Πουρνάρη, Μαρία24-Nov-2015-
Barker Peter "Copernicus, the ords and the equant"Πουρνάρη, Μαρία24-Nov-2015-
Brenner Anastasios A. "Holism a century ago: the elaboration of Duhem's Thesis"Πουρνάρη, Μαρία24-Nov-2015-
Burian Richard M. "Maiocchi on Duhem, Howard on Duhem and Einstein: historiographical comments"Πουρνάρη, Μαρία24-Nov-2015-
Crowe Michael J. "Duhem and the history and philosophy of Mathematics"Πουρνάρη, Μαρία24-Nov-2015-
Goddy Andre "The realism that Duhem rejected in Copernicus"Πουρνάρη, Μαρία24-Nov-2015-
Howard Don "Einstein and Duhem"Πουρνάρη, Μαρία24-Nov-2015-
Jesseph Douglas "Rigorous proof and the history of mathematics: comments on Crowe", pp. 449-453Πουρνάρη, Μαρία24-Nov-2015-
Livesay Steven J. "Science and theology in the fourteenth century: the subalternate sciences in Oxford commentaries on the sentences"Πουρνάρη, Μαρία24-Nov-2015-
Lugg Andrew "Pierre Duhem's conception of natural classification"Πουρνάρη, Μαρία24-Nov-2015-
Maiocchi Roberto: "Pierre Duhem's The aim and structure of Physical Theory: a book against conventionalism"Πουρνάρη, Μαρία24-Nov-2015-
Martin R.N.D. "Duhem and the origins of statics. Ramifications of the Crisis of 1903-04"Πουρνάρη, Μαρία24-Nov-2015-
McMullin Ernan: "Comment on Duhem's Middle Way"Πουρνάρη, Μαρία24-Nov-2015-
Menn Stephen "Descartes and some Predecessors on the Divine Conservation of Motion"Πουρνάρη, Μαρία24-Nov-2015-
On Hume's idea of existenceΠουρνάρη, Μαρία24-Nov-2015-
On Hume's idea of existenceΠουρνάρη, Μαρία; Pournari, Maria29-Mar-2023-
Quinn Philip L. "Duhem in different contexts: comments on Brenner and Martin"Πουρνάρη, Μαρία24-Nov-2015-
Rager F. Jamil "Duhem, the Arabs and the history of Cosmology"Πουρνάρη, Μαρία24-Nov-2015-
Wallace William "Duhem and Koyre on Domingo de Soto"Πουρνάρη, Μαρία24-Nov-2015-
Westman Roberto S. "The Duhemian historiographical project"Πουρνάρη, Μαρία24-Nov-2015-