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TitleAuthor(s)Issue date
Cloning and expression of alpha-amylase from the hyperthermophilic archaeon Pyrococcus woesei in the moderately halophilic bacterium Halomonas elongataFrillingos, S.; Linden, A.; Niehaus, F.; Vargas, C.; Nieto, J. J.; Ventosa, A.; Antranikian, G.; Drainas, C.24-Nov-2015
Contribution of chemical changes in membrane lipids to the osmoadaptation of the halophilic bacterium Chromohalobacter salexigensVargas, C.; Kallimanis, A.; Koukkou, A. I.; Calderon, M. I.; Canovas, D.; Iglesias-Guerra, F.; Drainas, C.; Ventosa, A.; Nieto, J. J.24-Nov-2015
Membrane lipid alterations in Chromohalobacter salexigens in response to salinityKallimanis, A.; Vargas, C.; Nieto, J. J.; Drainas, C.; Koukkou, A. I.24-Nov-2015
Release of cell-free ice nuclei from Halomonas elongata expressing the ice nucleation gene inaZ of Pseudomonas syringaeTegos, G.; Vargas, C.; Perysinakis, A.; Koukkou, A. I.; Christogianni, A.; Nieto, J. J.; Ventosa, A.; Drainas, C.24-Nov-2015
Studies on the recombinant expression of the ectoine pathway in Zymomonas mobilisHaidou, E.; Reina-Bueno, M.; Iglesias-Guerra, F.; Nieto, J. J.; Vargas, C.; Drainas, C.; Afendra, A. S.24-Nov-2015