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Liver, bone marrow, pancreas and pituitary gland iron overload in young and adult thalassemic patients: a T2 relaxometry studyArgyropoulou, M. I.; Kiortsis, D. N.; Astrakas, L.; Metafratzi, Z.; Chalissos, N.; Efremidis, S. C.24-Nov-2015-
Magnetization transfer ratio in the brain of preterm subjects: age-related changes during the first 2 years of lifeXydis, V.; Astrakas, L.; Zikou, A.; Pantou, K.; Andronikou, S.; Argyropoulou, M. I.24-Nov-2015-
Magnetization transfer ratio measurements of the brain in children with tuberous sclerosis complexZikou, A.; Ioannidou, M. C.; Tzoufi, M.; Astrakas, L.; Argyropoulou, M. I.24-Nov-2015-
Molecular classification of brain tumor biopsies using solid-state magic angle spinning proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy and robust classifiersAndronesi, O. C.; Blekas, K.; Mintzopoulos, D.; Astrakas, L.; Black, P. M.; Tzika, A. A.24-Nov-2015-
MRI evaluation of tissue iron burden in patients with beta-thalassaemia majorArgyropoulou, M. I.; Astrakas, L.24-Nov-2015-
Myelination process in preterm subjects with periventricular leucomalacia assessed by magnetization transfer ratioXydis, V.; Astrakas, L.; Drougia, A.; Gassias, D.; Andronikou, S.; Argyropoulou, M.24-Nov-2015-
A Sparse and Spatially Constrained Generative Regression Model for fMRI Data AnalysisOikonomou, V. P.; Blekas, K.; Astrakas, L.24-Nov-2015-
Temporomandibular joint involvement in juvenile idiopathic arthritis: clinical predictors of magnetic resonance imaging signsArgyropoulou, M. I.; Margariti, P. N.; Karali, A.; Astrakas, L.; Alfandaki, S.; Kosta, P.; Siamopoulou, A.24-Nov-2015-
Voxel-based morphometry and diffusion tensor imaging of the optic pathway in primary open-angle glaucoma: a preliminary studyZikou, A. K.; Kitsos, G.; Tzarouchi, L. C.; Astrakas, L.; Alexiou, G. A.; Argyropoulou, M. I.24-Nov-2015-