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TitleAuthor(s)Issue date
Organic metallic complexes with antiplatelet and antineoplasmatic effectsKarkabounas, S.; Veltsistas, P.; Liasko, R.; Metsios, A.; Makris, M. P.; Evangelou, A.; Markris, P. E.24-Nov-2015
Organisations internationales et politique educative le projet regional mediterreanneen le cas de GreceSlakaris, Konstantinos27-Nov-2015
The organization of an educational program for specialists in clinical chemistry by the Greek Society of Clinical Chemistry-Clinical BiochemistryRizos, D.; Karababa, P.; Sarandakou, A.; Panagiotakis, O.; Haliassos, A.; Makris, K.; Psarra, K.; Bairaktari, E.; Spyropoulou, P.; Nikolou, C.; Galiatsatos, N.; Trakas, N.; Ferderigou, A.; Seferiadis, K.24-Nov-2015
Organized mesoporous silico-nickelates (OMSiNi) and silico-lanthano-nickelates (OMSiLaNi): Crystallogenesis vs. morphogenesis and microporosity vs. pore anisotropyKatsoulidis, A. P.; Tsaousi, E. T.; Armatas, G. S.; Petrakis, D. E.; Pomonis, P. J.24-Nov-2015
Organochlorine contaminants in eggs of the yellow-legged gull (Larus cachinnans michahellis) in the North Eastern Mediterranean: is this gull a suitable biomonitor for the region?Albanis, T. A.; Goutner, V.; Konstantinou, I. K.; Frigis, K.24-Nov-2015
Organochlorine insecticide residues in eggs of the Little Tern (Sterna albifrons) in the Axios Delta, GreeceGoutner, V.; Charalambidou, I.; Albanis, T. A.24-Nov-2015
Organochlorine residues in blood of cinereous vultures and Eurasian griffon vultures in a northeastern Mediterranean area of nature conservationGoutner, V.; Skartsi, T.; Konstantinou, I. K.; Sakellarides, T. M.; Albanis, T. A.; Vasilakis, D.; Elorriaga, J.; Poirazidis, K.24-Nov-2015
Organochlorine Residues in Eggs of Pelecanus-Crispus and Its Prey in Wetlands of Amvrakikos-Gulf, North-Western GreeceAlbanis, T. A.; Hela, D. G.; Hatzilakos, D.24-Nov-2015
Organoclay derivatives in the synthesis of macrocyclesGeorgakilas, V.; Gournis, D.; Petridis, D.24-Nov-2015
Organolithium and organosodium compounds: the second hyperpolarizabilities of C8H6Li2 and C8H6Na2Papadopoulos, M. G.; Raptis, S. G.; Demetropoulos, I. N.24-Nov-2015
Organophosphate poisoning complicated by a tachyarrhythmia and acute respiratory distress syndrome in a childNel, L.; Hatherill, M.; Davies, J.; Andronikou, S.; Stirling, J.; Reynolds, L.; Argent, A.24-Nov-2015
Organophosphorous and Carbamates Pesticide-Residues in the Aquatic System of Ioannina Basin and Kalamas River(Greece)Albanis, T. A.; Pomonis, P. J.; Sdoukos, A. T.24-Nov-2015
Organotin adducts of indomethacin: synthesis, crystal structures and spectral characterization of the first organotin complexes of indomethacinGalani, A.; Kovala-Demertzi, D.; Kourkoumelis, N.; Koutsodimou, A.; Dokorou, V.; Ciunik, Z.; Russo, U.; Demertzis, M. A.24-Nov-2015
Organotin adducts with pyrimidinethione: crystal structure of dimethyldi(pyrimidine-2-thiolato)tin(IV) and diphenyldi(pyrimidine-2-thiolato)tin(IV)Hadjikakou, S. K.; Demertzis, M. A.; Kubicki, M.; Kovala-Demertzi, D.24-Nov-2015
Organotin Compound Derived from 3-Hydroxy-2-formylpyridine Semicarbazone: Synthesis, Crystal Structure, and Antiproliferative ActivityWiecek, J.; Kovala-Demertzi, D.; Ciunik, Z.; Wietrzyk, J.; Zervou, M.; Demertzis, M. A.24-Nov-2015
Organotin flufenamates: Synthesis, characterization and antiproliferative activity of organotin flufenamatesKovala-Demertzi, D.; Dokorou, V. N.; Jasinski, J. P.; Opolski, A.; Wiecek, J.; Zervou, M.; Demertzis, M. A.24-Nov-2015
Organotin meclofenamic complexes: Synthesis, crystal structures and antiproliferative activity of the first complexes of meclofenamic acid - Novel anti-tuberculosis agentsKovala-Demertzi, D.; Dokorou, V.; Primikiri, A.; Vargas, R.; Silvestru, C.; Russo, U.; Demertzis, M. A.24-Nov-2015
Organotin mefenamic complexes - preparations, spectroscopic studies and crystal structure of a triphenyltin ester of mefenamic acid: novel anti-tuberculosis agentsKovala-Demertzi, D.; Dokorou, V.; Ciunik, M.; Kourkoumelis, N.; Demertzis, M. A.24-Nov-2015
Organotin(IV) complexes with 2-(2 '-pyridyl)quinoxaline (L) - The crystal structure of the [SnEt2Cl2L]center dot 0.5 benzeneGaroufis, A.; Koutsodimou, A.; Raptopoulou, C. P.; Simopoulos, A.; Katsaros, N.24-Nov-2015
Organotin(IV) derivatives of L-cysteine and their in vitro anti-tumor propertiesChasapis, C. T.; Hadjikakou, S. K.; Garoufis, A.; Hadjiliadis, N.; Bakas, T.; Kubicki, M.; Ming, Y.24-Nov-2015