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TitleAuthor(s)Issue date
Anatomical variation and morphology in the position of the palatine foramina in adult human skulls from GreecePiagkou, M.; Xanthos, T.; Anagnostopoulou, S.; Demesticha, T.; Kotsiomitis, E.; Piagkos, G.; Protogerou, V.; Lappas, D.; Skandalakis, P.; Johnson, E. O.24-Nov-2015
Functional anatomy of the mandibular nerve: consequences of nerve injury and entrapmentPiagkou, M.; Demesticha, T.; Skandalakis, P.; Johnson, E. O.24-Nov-2015
The plasma coagulation cascade: potential targets for novel anticoagulants in major lower limb surgeryJohnson, E. O.; Konstandi, M.; Babis, G. C.; Piagkou, M.; Soucacos, P. N.24-Nov-2015
The Pterygopalatine Ganglion and its Role in Various Pain Syndromes: From Anatomy to Clinical PracticePiagkou, M.; Demesticha, T.; Troupis, T.; Vlasis, K.; Skandalakis, P.; Makri, A.; Mazarakis, A.; Lappas, D.; Piagkos, G.; Johnson, E. O.24-Nov-2015
Uncommon course of the ulnar arteryTroupis, T. G.; Tsakotos, G.; Michalinos, A.; Piagkou, M.; Johnson, E. O.; Xanthos, T.; Skandalakis, P.24-Nov-2015