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  Tracheal gas insufflation reduces the tidal volume while PaCO2 is maintained constant (Journal article)

  Heterotopic ossification of the knee joint in intensive care unit patients: early diagnosis with magnetic resonance imaging (Journal article)

  Bronchoalveolar lavage fluid characteristics of early intermediate and late phases of ARDS. Alterations in leukocytes, proteins, PAF and surfactant components (Journal article)

  Conditional evaluation of broncho-alveolar lavage in mechanically ventilated patients with suspected unilateral lobar pneumonia (Journal article)

  Comparison of Oligon catheters and chlorhexidine-impregnated sponges with standard multilumen central venous catheters for prevention of associated colonization and infections in intensive care unit patients: a multicenter, randomized, controlled study (Journal article)

  Early changes of procalcitonin may advise about prognosis and appropriateness of antimicrobial therapy in sepsis (Journal article)

  A study comparing tolerability, satisfaction and acceptance of three different techniques for esophageal endoscopy: sedated conventional, unsedated peroral ultra thin, and esophageal capsule (Journal article)

  The importance of religious affiliation and culture on end-of-life decisions in European intensive care units (Journal article)

  Selective decontamination of subglottic area in mechanically ventilated patients with multiple trauma (Journal article)

  Respiratory effects of tracheal gas insufflation in spontaneously breathing COPD patients (Journal article)