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  Myocardial perfusion imaging with (99 m)Tc-tetrofosmin SPECT in breast cancer patients that received postoperative radiotherapy: a case-control study (Journal article)

  Diagnostic accuracy, internal consistency, and convergent validity of the Greek version of the patient health questionnaire 9 in diagnosing depression in rheumatologic disorders (Journal article)

  Serum ferritin is a discriminant marker for both fibrosis and inflammation in histologically proven non-alcoholic fatty liver disease patients (Journal article)

  Subclinical atherosclerosis in scleroderma patients (Journal article)

  Triple-negative phenotype is of adverse prognostic value in patients treated with dose-dense sequential adjuvant chemotherapy: a translational research analysis in the context of a Hellenic Cooperative Oncology Group (HeCOG) randomized phase III trial (Journal article)

  Snakebites of fingers or toes by viperidae family members: an orthopaedic approach (Journal article)

  High levels of topoisomerase IIalpha protein expression in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma are associated with high proliferation, germinal center immunophenotype, and response to treatment (Journal article)

  Gender, body mass index and rheumatoid arthritis disease activity: results from the QUEST-RA Study (Journal article)

  Coping with health-stressors and defence styles associated with health-related quality of life in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (Journal article)

  Impaired phospholipases Aproduction by stimulated macrophages from patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome (Journal article)