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  Conditional evaluation of broncho-alveolar lavage in mechanically ventilated patients with suspected unilateral lobar pneumonia (Journal article)

  Glufosfamide administered using a 1-hour infusion given as first-line treatment for advanced pancreatic cancer. A phase II trial of the EORTC-new drug development group (Journal article)

  Critical appraisal of CRP measurement for the prediction of coronary heart disease events: new data and systematic review of 31 prospective cohorts (Journal article)

  Immunocryosurgery for basal cell carcinoma: results of a pilot, prospective, open-label study of cryosurgery during continued imiquimod application (Journal article)

  Continuous intraoperative electromyographic and transcranial motor evoked potential recordings in spinal stenosis surgery (Journal article)

  High prevalence of elevated liver enzymes in blood donors: associations with male gender and central adiposity (Journal article)

  Heterotopic ossification of the knee joint in intensive care unit patients: early diagnosis with magnetic resonance imaging (Journal article)

  The role of p16(INK4a) immunostaining in the risk assessment of women with LSIL cytology: a prospective pragmatic study (Journal article)

  Hemostatic factors, inflammatory markers, and progressive peripheral atherosclerosis: the Edinburgh Artery Study (Journal article)

  Harmonic voiding urosonography with a second-generation contrast agent for the diagnosis of vesicoureteral reflux (Journal article)