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  Antibodies to Eyrkk Vesicular Stomatitis Virus-Related Peptide Account Only for a Minority of Anti-Ro60kd Antibodies (Journal article)

  Disease-Specific B-Cell Epitopes of Ro/Ssa60kd and La/Ssb48kd Autoantigens - Molecular Mimicry and Specificity (Journal article)

  B-cell epitope mapping of DNA topoisomerase I defines epitopes strongly associated with pulmonary fibrosis in systemic sclerosis (Journal article)

  Epitope mapping of the Ro/SSA60KD autoantigen reveals disease-specific antibody-binding profiles (Journal article)

  The clinical relevance of antibodies to ribosomal-P common epitope in two targeted systemic lupus erythematosus populations: a large cohort of consecutive patients and patients with active central nervous system disease (Journal article)

  Antibodies to the common epitope of ribosomal P proteins. Clinical associations in two targeted SLE populations; A large cohort of consecutive patients and a group with central nervous system involvement. (Journal article)

  The PPGMRPP repetitive epitope of the Sm autoantigen: Antigenic specificity induced by conformational changes. Application of the Sequential Oligopeptide Carriers (SOCs) (Journal article)

  DNA topoisomerase I: B-cell epitope mapping. (Journal article)

  Autoimmune response against snRNPs and immune-mediated renal damage after immunization with the SmEPITOPE PPGMRPP anchored to sequential oligopeptide carriers (SOCs). (Journal article)

  Binding of zinc ions manipulates the Ro52KD binding activity and the autoepitope reactivity of the zinc finger domain of Ro60KD autoantigen (Journal article)