The intercultural "values" of Christianity and Islam (Master thesis)

Μάη, Φωτεινή

This diploma thesis titled “The intercultural “values” of Christianity and Islam” was carried out within the postgraduate curriculum of the Department of Primary Education of the University of Ioannina. The purpose of this thesis is to highlight the intercultural values contained in these two religions, in order to make them a common basis for conciliation between them, ending in a constructive dialogue, which in turn will lead to a more harmonious coexistence of Christians and Muslims. Its individual objectives are to analyze and clarify the relationship between interculturalism and religion, the emergence of the common beliefs and practices of the two religions, of their teaching about the “other” and of the fundamental differences between Christianity and Islam and finally the analysis of the concept of interreligious dialogue and the importance of achieving it. In the first and introductory part of this thesis, the concepts of religion and interculturalism and how they relate are analyzed, as well as the fact that “values” are embedded in religion and determine the ways of people’s behavior towards the “others”, in order to make clear and understand the way in which the “values” of religions can be influenced by multicultural societies. Then, approaches to the teaching of Christianity and Islam are cited, focusing on their common points, regarding certain beliefs and practices. Through this chapter the opportunity is given for a first acquaintance and elevation of those that “unite” the two religions, which are often not given the importance they should have, are ignored or even are absent for various reasons. Then, in the next two chapters of this thesis, Christianity and the intercultural “values” that it contains are analyzed and Jesus Christ is approached with emphasis on his role as a pedagogue and the Muhammad is approached as a role model for his faithful people and the intercultural “values” of Islam are analyzed, which, though lesser than those of Christianity, are important and deserve to be emerged. In the fifth chapter of this thesis a comparison is made between Christianity and Islam, both at the level of convergence and at the level of basic differences. The latter is considered necessary for a better understanding of those which cause conflicts between the two religions. The sixth and final chapter of this thesis analyzes the concept of interreligious dialogue and it is proposed that in the future a dialogue between representatives of Christianity and Islam should be carried out, a dialogue which will be based on the intercultural “values” of the two religions, hoping that it will have a positive effect on the cohabitation and interaction of Christians and Muslim faithful people, who are already coexisting in multicultural societies.
Institution and School/Department of submitter: Πανεπιστήμιο Ιωαννίνων. Σχολή Επιστημών Αγωγής. Παιδαγωγικό Τμήμα Δημοτικής Εκπαίδευσης
Subject classification: Διαπολιτισμικότητα
Keywords: Διαπολιτισμικότητα,Διαθρησκειακός διάλογος,Χριστιανισμός,Ισλάμ,Interculturalism,Interreligious dialogue,Christianity,Islam
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