The reception of Max Weber's social theory in critical theory (Master thesis)

Κολτσίδα, Μαρία

The reception of Max Weber’s social theory by Critical Theory requires the analysis of the central concepts of rationality and the rationalization process. According to Weber, the aim of that process is the formation of a society that is rationalized on all levels; nevertheless, Weber’s view of the outcome of the process remains ambiva-lent. Herbert Marcuse criticizes this ambivalence as well as the lack of neutrality in Weber’s use of the concepts of rationality and rationalization. He pleads for a radi-cal change of society by way of a “great refusal”. In opposition to Marcuse, Jürgen Habermas sees in the rationalization process a necessary premise to the construction of a modern society, emphasizing at the same time, the importance of communica-tive action within a new society.
Institution and School/Department of submitter: Πανεπιστήμιο Ιωαννίνων. Σχολή Επιστημών Αγωγής. Παιδαγωγικό Τμήμα Δημοτικής Εκπαίδευσης
Subject classification: Ορθολογικότητα
Keywords: Ορθολογικότητα (τυπική/ουσιαστική),Διαδικασία εξορθολογισμού,Ιδεότυπος,Αρχή της απόδοσης,Πλεονάζουσα απώθηση,Κατασταλτική απομετουσίωση,Μεγάλη άρνηση,Ψυχανάλυση,Βιόκοσμος,Αποικιοποίηση,Αλληλόδραση,Επικοινωνιακή πράξη,Rationality (typical/essential),Rationalization,Ideotype,Great negation,Perfor-mance principle,Surplus-repression,Repressive sublimation,Psychoanalysis,Bio-environment,Colonization,Interaction,Communicative action,Rationalität (typische/wesentliche),Rationalisierungsprozess,Idealtyp,Prinzip der leistung,Zusätzliche unterdrückung,Repressive Entsublimierung,Große Weigerung,Psychoanalyse,Lebenswelt,Kolonialisierung,Interaktion,Kommunikatives Handeln
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