Endobronchial metastases secondary to solid tumors: report of eight cases and review of the literature (Journal article)

Katsimbri, P. P./ Bamias, A. T./ Froudarakis, M. E./ Peponis, I. A./ Constantopoulos, S. H./ Pavlidis, N. A.

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dc.titleEndobronchial metastases secondary to solid tumors: report of eight cases and review of the literatureen
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heal.abstractEndobronchial metastases (EBM) secondaries to extrapulmonary solid malignant tumors are rare. Breast, colon and renal adenocarcinomas are the most frequent tumors associated with EBM. Since 1990 we have treated eight patients with EBM secondary to renal adenocarcinoma (three cases), colon adenocarcinoma (two cases), gastric adenocarcinoma (one case), bladder carcinoma (one case) and basal cell carcinoma (one case). Endobronchial lesions were detected by bronchoscopy and their metastatic nature was confirmed histopathologically in all eight cases. We also conducted a review of EBM reporting studies published in English language. The median interval from the diagnosis of the primary tumour was 41 months. Symptoms and radiological findings were indistinguishable from those of primary lung cancer. Five patients were treated with external radiotherapy with symptomatic improvement while two patients had chemotherapy and one patient underwent surgical resection of the metastasis. Systemic treatment was used in six cases with no significant effect on EBM. Median survival after EBM diagnosis was 9 months with one patient surviving 3.5 years and two patients still alive at 1 year. In conclusion, EBM usually represent a late manifestation requiring differential diagnosis from a primary lung cancer. Local treatment may result in symptomatic improvement but prognosis is generally poor averaging 1-2 years in most series.en
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