Evaluation of the proximal tubular function in individuals with primary renal hypouricemia: an NMR-based metabonomic study (Journal article)

Tzovaras, V. T./ Psychogios, N. G./ Kostara, C. E./ Bairaktari, E. T./ Elisaf, M. S.

Primary renal hypouricemia (PRH) refers to a rare condition of increased renal urate clearance, caused by an isolated inborn error of membrane transport of urate in the renal proximal tubule. Several cases of exercise-induced acute renal failure and urolithiasis have been reported. This is the first study that assessed tubular function in PRH using NMR-based metabonomic urine analysis. The study groups consisted of 36 unrelated asymptomatic subjects with PRH, defined as serum uric acid levels (sUA) <2.5 mg/dL and fractional excretion of uric acid (FEUA) >10%, after exclusion of diseases and drugs that may affect urate homeostasis, and 39 sex and age-matched healthy individuals with normal sUA levels (>4.0 mmol/L) and FEUA<10%. Individuals with primary hypouricemia presented similar biochemical profiles to the controls without significant differences with regard to FE of electrolytes and renal threshold for phosphate excretion. Individuals with primary hypouricemia were differentiated from healthy individuals in the orthogonal signal correction/partial least-squares-discriminant analysis models of the NMR data with a statistically significant separation. The components that contributed to this separation were the lower levels of hippurate, creatinine, and trimethylaminoxide, and the higher levels of phenylalanine, alanine, glycine, glutamate, acetate, and of an unidentified metabolite (3.3 ppm) observed in hypouricemic subjects compared with controls. Primary hypouricemia, though considered an isolated renal tubular defect, is often associated with a more generalized proximal tubular disorder that mimics a partial Fanconi syndrome.
Institution and School/Department of submitter: Πανεπιστήμιο Ιωαννίνων. Σχολή Επιστημών Υγείας. Τμήμα Ιατρικής
Keywords: Adult,Female,Humans,Kidney Diseases/genetics/*physiopathology,*Kidney Tubules, Proximal/metabolism/physiopathology,Male,Metabolomics/*methods,Middle Aged,Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Biomolecular/*methods,Uric Acid/blood/*urine
URI: https://olympias.lib.uoi.gr/jspui/handle/123456789/21786
ISSN: 1099-1492
Link: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19593759
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