Detection of pi(+)pi(-) atoms with the DIRAC spectrometer at CERN (Journal article)

Adeva, B./ Afanasyev, L./ Benayoun, M./ Benelli, A./ Berka, Z./ Brekhovskikh, V./ Caragheorgheopol, G./ Cechak, T./ Chiba, M./ Constantinescu, S./ Costantini, S./ Detraz, C./ Dreossi, D./ Drijard, D./ Dudarev, A./ Evangelou, I./ Ferro-Luzzi, M./ Gallas, M. V./ Gerndt, J./ Giacomich, R./ Gianotti, P./ Goldin, D./ Gomez, F./ Gorin, A./ Gorchakov, O./ Guaraldo, C./ Hansroul, M./ Hosek, R./ Iliescu, M./ Kalinina, N./ Karpukhin, V./ Kluson, J./ Kobayashi, M./ Kokkas, P./ Komarov, V./ Kruglov, V./ Kruglova, L./ Kulikov, A./ Kuptsov, A./ Kurochkin, I./ Kuroda, K. I./ Lamberto, A./ Lanaro, A./ Lapshin, V./ Lednicky, R./ Leruste, P./ Sandri, P. L./ Aguera, A. L./ Lucherini, V./ Maki, T./ Manthos, N./ Manuilov, I./ Montanet, L./ Narjoux, J. L./ Nemenov, L./ Nikitin, J./ Pardo, T. N./ Okada, K./ Olchevskii, V./ Pazos, A./ Pentia, M./ Penzo, A./ Perreau, J. M./ Petrascu, C./ Plo, M./ Ponta, T./ Pop, D./ Rappazzoo, G. F./ Fernandez, A. R./ Romero, A./ Ryazantsev, A./ Rykalin, V./ Santamarina, C./ Saborido, J./ Schacher, J./ Schuetz, C. P./ Sidorov, A./ Smolik, J./ Takeutchi, F./ Tarasov, A./ Tauscher, L./ Tobar, M. J./ Trusov, S./ Utkin, V./ Doce, O. V./ Vazquez, P./ Vlachos, S./ Yazkov, V./ Yoshimura, Y./ Zhabitsky, M./ Zrelov, P.

The goal of the DIRAC experiment at CERN is to measure with high precision the lifetime of the pi(+)pi(-) atom (A(2pi)), which is of order 3 x 10(-15) s, and thus to determine the s-wave pipi-scattering lengths difference \a(0) - a(2)\. A(2pi) atoms are detected through the characteristic features of pi(+)pi(-) pairs from the atom break-up (ionization) in the target. We report on a first high statistics atomic data sample obtained from p-Ni interactions at 24 GeV/c proton momentum and present the methods to separate the signal from the background.
Institution and School/Department of submitter: Πανεπιστήμιο Ιωαννίνων. Σχολή Επιστημών και Τεχνολογιών. Τμήμα Βιολογικών Εφαρμογών και Τεχνολογιών
Keywords: level trigger,pi(-) mesons,high-energy,scattering,breakup,matter,state
ISSN: 0954-3899
Link: <Go to ISI>://000225915100012
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