Changes in the Cd Spectra of Calf Thymus DNA Induced by Sequential Polypeptides in Trifluoroethanol Solutions .2. (Journal article)

Panou-Pomonis, E./ Tsikaris, V./ Sakarellos, C./ Sakarellos-Daitsiotis, M./ Marraud, M.

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dc.contributor.authorPanou-Pomonis, E.en
dc.contributor.authorTsikaris, V.en
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dc.contributor.authorSakarellos-Daitsiotis, M.en
dc.contributor.authorMarraud, M.en
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dc.titleChanges in the Cd Spectra of Calf Thymus DNA Induced by Sequential Polypeptides in Trifluoroethanol Solutions .2.en
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heal.abstractInteractions between calf thymus DNA and (L-Arg-X-Gly)n sequential polypeptides (where X = L-Ala, Val, Leu, Ile, Nva, Nle) in trifluoroethanol: water (40:60) solutions in the salt range of 0.12-0.5 M NaCl, were studied using c.d. spectroscopy. It was found that DNA tertiary structure (psi-form) is modulated by the nature of the polypeptides (variation of X residue). The effect of the secondary structure of polypeptides on the formation of psi-DNA was also analysed. Unordered polypeptides destabilized psi-aggregates, while helical polypeptides favoured DNA tertiary structure. A loss of tertiary structure was observed in the presence of the (L-Arg-L-Val-Gly)n, which can be attributed to the ability of valine to suppress psi-type DNA.en
heal.publisherButterworth-Heinemann Ltd.en
heal.journalNameInt J Biol Macromolen
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