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TitleAuthor(s)Issue date
Lipoprotein(a) levels in patients with homozygous familial hypercholesterolaemiaMiltiadous, G.; Tsimihodimos, V.; Bairaktari, E.; Elisaf, M. S.24-Nov-2015
Lipoprotein-associated PAF-acetylhydrolase activity in subjects with the metabolic syndromeRizos, E.; Tambaki, A. P.; Gazi, I.; Tselepis, A. D.; Elisaf, M.24-Nov-2015
Lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A(2) activity is a marker of small, dense LDL particles in human plasmaGazi, I.; Lourida, E. S.; Filippatos, T.; Tsimihodimos, V.; Elisaf, M.; Tselepis, A. D.24-Nov-2015
Lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A2 activity (LP-PLA2) is a marker of small-dense LDL particlesGazi, I.; Lourida, E.; Filippatos, T.; Tsimihodimos, V.; Saougos, V.; Elisaf, M.; Tselepis, A.24-Nov-2015
Liposome-mediated radiotherapeutics within avascular tumor spheroids: comparative dosimetry study for various radionuclides, liposome systems, and a targeting antibodyEmfietzoglou, D.; Kostarelos, K.; Papakostas, A.; Yang, W. H.; Ballangrud, A.; Song, H.; Sgouros, G.24-Nov-2015
Liquid phase characteristics of bronchoalveolar lavage in primary Sjogren's syndromeDalavanga, Y. A.; Constantopoulos, S. H.; Zerva, L. B.; Trekli, M. M.; Kotoulas, O. O.; Moutsopoulos, H. M.24-Nov-2015
Liquid-phase micro-extraction techniques in pesticide residue analysisLambropoulou, D. A.; Albanis, T. A.24-Nov-2015
Literary histories in verse: fathers and sons of modern Greek poetryVogiatzoglou, A.24-Nov-2015
Literature Survey and Children and their perception of RiskM., Pange J.; Talbot24-Nov-2015
Literature survey and children's perception on riskPange, J.; Talbot, M.24-Nov-2015
Lithium adsorption on the SrTiO3(100) surfaceMori, E. E.; Kamaratos, M.24-Nov-2015
Lithium Conducting Borate Glasses - Evidence for 2 Broad Distributions of Cation-Hosting EnvironmentsKamitsos, E. I.; Chryssikos, G. D.; Patsis, A. P.; Karakassides, M. A.24-Nov-2015
Lithium ion induced nanophase ordering and ion mobility in ionic block copolymersIoannou, E. F.; Mountrichas, G.; Pispas, S.; Kamitsos, E. I.; Floudas, G.24-Nov-2015
A lithographic polymer process sequence for chemical sensing arraysKitsara, M.; Goustouridis, D.; Chatzandroulis, S.; Beltsios, K.; Raptis, L.24-Nov-2015
Litholytic agents with bacteriostatic properties in conservative treatment of urolithiasisKallistratos, G.24-Nov-2015
Live delivery rates in subfertile women with Asherman's syndrome after hysteroscopic adhesiolysis using the resectoscope or the Versapoint systemZikopoulos, K. A.; Kolibianakis, E. M.; Platteau, P.; de Munck, L.; Tournaye, H.; Devroey, P.; Camus, M.24-Nov-2015
Liver injury and expression of cytochromes P450: evidence that regulation of CYP2A5 is different from that of other major xenobiotic metabolizing CYP enzymesCamus-Randon, A. M.; Raffalli, F.; Bereziat, J. C.; McGregor, D.; Konstandi, M.; Lang, M. A.24-Nov-2015
Liver involvement in hemorrhagic fever with renal syndromeElisaf, M. S.; Stefanaki, S.; Repanti, M.; Korakis, H.; Tsianos, E.; Siamopoulos, K. C.24-Nov-2015
Liver metastases from cancer of unknown primary (CUPL): a retrospective analysis of presentation, management and prognosis in 49 patients and systematic review of the literatureLazaridis, G.; Pentheroudakis, G.; Fountzilas, G.; Pavlidis, N.24-Nov-2015
Liver, bone marrow, pancreas and pituitary gland iron overload in young and adult thalassemic patients: a T2 relaxometry studyArgyropoulou, M. I.; Kiortsis, D. N.; Astrakas, L.; Metafratzi, Z.; Chalissos, N.; Efremidis, S. C.24-Nov-2015