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TitleAuthor(s)Issue date
Deprotonated and Non-Deprotonated Complexes of N-(2-Aminophenyl) Pyridine-2-Carboxamide and N-(3-Aminophenyl) Pyridine-2-Carboxamide with Co(Ii), Ni(Ii), Cu(Ii) and Pd(Ii)Kabanos, T. A.; Tsangaris, J. M.24-Nov-2015
Der Beitrag der heilpadagogischen Forderung mit dem Pferd fur die psychomotorische Entwicklung eines Kindes mit Cri- du- chat- SyndromStergiou A.; Soulis S.-G.; Varvarousis, Christodoulou P.; Sakellaropoulou Ev.; Kessler-Kakoulidi L.24-Nov-2015
Derivation of Mindlin's first and second strain gradient elastic theory via simple lattice and continuum modelsPolyzos, D.; Fotiadis, D. I.24-Nov-2015
Derivation of the material momentum equation from the energy balanceSfyris, D.; Charalambakis, N.; Kalpakides, V. K.24-Nov-2015
Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans occuring in a childPeschos, D.; Dallas, P.; Doulis, A.; Agnantis, N.; Vougiouklakis, T.24-Nov-2015
Dermatologic disease during interferon-alpha therapy for chronic viral hepatitisDalekos, G. N.; Hatzis, J.; Tsianos, E. V.24-Nov-2015
Des sacrifices qui donnent des ailes : PGM XII, 15-95Zografou, A.24-Nov-2015
Describing Movement of 3 Pesticides in Soil Using a Cstr in Series ModelAlbanis, T.; Pomonis, P.; Sdoukos, A.24-Nov-2015
Description of TiO(2) thin films treated in NH(3) atmosphere by optical dispersion modelsGiannakopoulou, T.; Todorova, N.; Osiceanu, P.; Lagoyannis, A.; Vaimakis, T.; Trapalis, C.24-Nov-2015
Descriptive epidemiology of cerebral gliomas in northwest Greece and study of potential predisposing factors, 2005-2007Gousias, K.; Markou, M.; Voulgaris, S.; Goussia, A.; Voulgari, P.; Bai, M.; Polyzoidis, K.; Kyritsis, A.; Alamanos, Y.24-Nov-2015
Desferrioxamine attenuates minor lung injury following surgical acute liver failureKostopanagiotou, G. G.; Kalimeris, K. A.; Arkadopoulos, N.; Pafiti, A.; Panagopoulos, D.; Smyrniotis, V.; Vlahakos, D.; Routsi, C.; Lekka, M. E.; Nakos, G.24-Nov-2015
Design and Analysis of Optimization Algorithms Using Computational StatisticsBartz Beielstein, T.; Parsopoulos, K. E.; Vrahatis, M. N.24-Nov-2015
Design and characterization of the I-ImaS multi-element x-ray detector systemGriffiths, J. A.; Metaxas, M. G.; Royle, G. J.; Venanzi, C.; Esbrand, C.; Cavouras, D.; Fant, A.; Gasiorek, P.; Georgiou, H.; Hall, G.; Jones, J.; Leaver, J. D. G.; Longo, R.; Manthos, N.; Noy, M.; Ostby, J. M.; Rokvic, T.; Schulerud, H.; Theodoridis, S.; Triantis, F. A.; Turchetta, R.; Speller, R. D.24-Nov-2015
The Design and Development of New Chemical Sensors for Invivo MonitoringAlcock, S. J.; Karayannis, M.; Turner, A. P. F.24-Nov-2015
Design and Measurements of a Multiple-Output Transmitter for Mimo ApplicationsVotis, C. I.; Kostarakis, P.; Ivrissimtzis, L. P.24-Nov-2015
Design and quality considerations for randomized controlled trials in systemic sclerosisKyriakidi, M.; Ioannidis, J. P.24-Nov-2015
Design and robust optimal control of smart beams with application on vibrations suppressionStavroulakis, G. E.; Foutsitzi, G.; Hadjigeorgiou, E.; Marinova, D.; Baniotopoulos, C. C.24-Nov-2015
Design and synthesis of a novel potent myelin basic protein epitope 87-99 cyclic analogue: Enhanced stability and biological properties of mimics render them a potentially new class of immunomodulatorsMatsoukas, J.; Apostolopoulos, V.; Kalbacher, H.; Papini, A. M.; Tselios, T.; Chatzantoni, K.; Biagioli, T.; Lolli, F.; Deraos, S.; Papathanassopoulos, P.; Troganis, A.; Mantzourani, E.; Mavromoustakos, T.; Mouzaki, A.24-Nov-2015
Design and synthesis of a potent cyclic analogue of the myelin basic protein epitope MBP72-85: Importance of the Ala(81) carboxyl group and of at cyclic conformation for induction of experimental allergic encephalomyelitisTselios, T.; Probert, L.; Daliani, I.; Matsoukas, E.; Troganis, A.; Gerothanassis, I. P.; Mavromoustakos, T.; Moore, G. J.; Matsoukas, J. M.24-Nov-2015
Design and synthesis of amphipathic a-helical peptide models for the development of new antimicrobial agentsMarianou, A.; Balliu, A.; Sakka, M.; Koukkou, A. I.; Sakarellos-Daitsiotis, M.; Panou-Pomonis, E.24-Nov-2015