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TitleAuthor(s)Issue date
Unification bounds on the possible N=2 supersymmetry-breaking scaleAntoniadis, I.; Ellis, J.; Leontaris, G. K.24-Nov-2015
Unification of fibre/matrix interfacial measurements with Raman microscopyGaliotis, C.; Paipetis, A.; Marston, C.24-Nov-2015
Unification, KK-thresholds and the top Yukawa coupling in F-theory GUTsLeontaris, G. K.; Tracas, N. D.; Tsamis, G.24-Nov-2015
A unified formalism for the basic nuclear matrix elements in semi-leptonic processesChasioti, V. C.; Kosmas, T. S.24-Nov-2015
Unified models at intermediate energy scales and Kaluza-Klein excitationsLeontaris, G. K.; Tracas, N. D.24-Nov-2015
Unified Particle Swarm Optimization for solving constrained engineering optimization problemsParsopoulos, K. E.; Vrahatis, M. N.24-Nov-2015
Unified particle swarm optimization in dynamic environmentsParsopoulos, K. E.; Vrahatis, M. N.24-Nov-2015
Unified Theory for Parallel and Focused Beam Nonspecular Reflection from Liquid Solid InterfacesMatikas, T.E.24-Nov-2015
Uniform asymptotic stability of a class of interconnected systems with structural perturbationsMartynyuk, A. A.; Stavroulakis, I. P.24-Nov-2015
Uniform Asymptotic Stability of Causal Operator-EquationsKarakostas, G.24-Nov-2015
Uniform Asymptotic Stability of Delay-Differential Equations with AmnesiaKarakostas, G.; Sficas, Y.24-Nov-2015
A Unifying Approach to the Thermodynamic, Electronic and Crystal-Field Descriptions of the Catalysis over 3d-Transition Metal-Oxides Based on the Chemical-Potential of MetalsPomonis, P.; Vickerman, J.24-Nov-2015
Unifying the strengths of forces in higher dimensionsDedes, A.; Kanti, P.24-Nov-2015
Unilateral elongated styloid process: a case reportParaskevas, G. K.; Raikos, A.; Lazos, L. M.; Kitsoulis, P.24-Nov-2015
Unique pore selectivity for Cs+ and exceptionally high NH4+ exchange capacity of the chalcogenide material K6Sn[Zn4Sn4S17]Manos, M. J.; Chrissafis, K.; Kanatzidis, M. G.24-Nov-2015
Universal moduli-dependent string thresholds in Z(2)xZ(2) orbifoldsPetropoulos, P. M.; Rizos, J.24-Nov-2015
Universality is a Ξ£ 1 1 -complete propertySofronidis, Nikolaos Efstathiou24-Nov-2015
Universitas ή Multiversitas;Νούτσος, Παναγιώτης10-Nov-2015
University and the Entrance Examinations in a Greek Provincial Town: A bottom-up perspectiveΜπενικάζα, Λ.24-Nov-2015
An unknown Manuscript of the "Family 2400" from CyprusΚωνσταντινίδης, Κ. Ν.24-Nov-2015