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TitleAuthor(s)Issue date
A sparse regression mixture model for clustering time - seriesBlekas, K.; Galatsanos, N.; Likas, A.11-Dec-2015
Actinide chalcogenide compoundsManos, Emmanouil; Kanatzidis, Mercouri G.; Ibers, J. A.11-Dec-2015
Activity Theory, History and Philosophy of Science, and ICT Technologies in Science Teaching ApplicationsPlakitsi, K.; Stamoulis, E.14-Dec-2015
An almost unique isle in the sea of democratic Europe: Greek Communists perceptions of international reality, 1944-1949Σφήκας, Αθανάσιος11-Dec-2015
Analysing interaction processes with jigsaw during mathematics lessons in elementary schoolBrandt, B.; Tatsis, K.16-Dec-2015
An analysis of pre - service teachers problem solving by generalization: the billiard problemTatsis, Konstantinos; Maj - Tatsis, Bozena12-Dec-2015
André Malraux au Parthénon, sons et lumière d’AthènesFlitouris, Lampros11-Dec-2015
An Ant-Based Optimization Approach for Inventory RoutingSkouri, Konstantina14-Dec-2015
Are the Greek preschool teachers able to use distance learning technologies?Pange, J.; Leontitsis, A.; Siogka, E.14-Dec-2015
Asynchronous on chip networksEfthymiou, A.; Amde, M.; Edwards, D.; Lavagno, L.11-Dec-2015
The ATFISE projectPlakitsi, K.14-Dec-2015
Bakhtine et theorie des genres au cinema : Les limites du dialogismeΔερμεντζόπουλος, Χ.11-Dec-2015
Biology education in elementary schools: how do students learn about plant functions?Plakitsi, K.; Nanni, E.14-Dec-2015
Black holes at the large hadron colliderKanti, P.11-Dec-2015
Carbon Nanotubes for novel hybrid structural composites with enhanced damage tolerance and self-sensing/actuating abilitiesPaipetis, A. S.; Kostopoulos, V.11-Dec-2015
Catalytic activity of zincosilicate MFI for the dehydrogenation of hydrocarbonsKowalak, E. J. S.; Gierczyńska, M.; Dolata, V.; Evmiridis, N.; Katranas, T.; Vlessidis, A.; Tsiatouras, V.; Roessner, F.; Schneider, E.13-Dec-2015
Changes in cholinergic synaptic activity and receptor function associated with seizures and epileptogenesisPsarropoulou, C.12-Dec-2015
Chat in developing new environmental science curricula, school textbooks, and web-based applications for the first gradesPlakitsi, K.; Kolokouri, E.; Nanni, E.; Stamoulis, E.; Theodoraki, X.14-Dec-2015
Children's talk in mathematics: functions and outcomesTatsis, K.13-Dec-2015
Citric Acid: A Useful Tool in Artificial Enamel Formation and RegenerationVaimakis, T. C.; Mitsionis, A. I.12-Dec-2015