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TitleAuthor(s)Issue date
Histones H3/H4 form a tight complex with the inner nuclear membrane protein LBR and heterochromatin protein 1Polioudaki, H.; Kourmouli, N.; Drosou, V.; Bakou, A.; Theodoropoulos, P. A.; Singh, P. B.; Giannakouros, T.; Georgatos, S. D.24-Nov-2015
The inner nuclear membrane protein lamin B receptor forms distinct microdomains and links epigenetically marked chromatin to the nuclear envelopeMakatsori, D.; Kourmouli, N.; Polioudaki, H.; Shultz, L. D.; McLean, K.; Theodoropoulos, P. A.; Singh, P. B.; Georgatos, S. D.24-Nov-2015
Mitotic phosphorylation of histone H3 at threonine 3Polioudaki, H.; Markaki, Y.; Kourmouli, N.; Dialynas, G.; Theodoropoulos, P. A.; Singh, P. B.; Georgatos, S. D.24-Nov-2015
Nucleocytoplasmic shuttling of soluble tubulin in mammalian cellsAkoumianaki, T.; Kardassis, D.; Polioudaki, H.; Georgatos, S. D.; Theodoropoulos, P. A.24-Nov-2015
PBC68: a nuclear pore complex protein that associates reversibly with the mitotic spindleTheodoropoulos, P. A.; Polioudaki, H.; Koulentaki, M.; Kouroumalis, E.; Georgatos, S. D.24-Nov-2015
Short-term exposure of cancer cells to micromolar doses of paclitaxel, with or without hyperthermia, induces long-term inhibition of cell proliferation and cell death in vitroMichalakis, J.; Georgatos, S. D.; de Bree, E.; Polioudaki, H.; Romanos, J.; Georgoulias, V.; Tsiftsis, D. D.; Theodoropoulos, P. A.24-Nov-2015
Taxol affects nuclear lamina and pore complex organization and inhibits import of karyophilic proteins into the cell nucleusTheodoropoulos, P. A.; Polioudaki, H.; Kostaki, O.; Derdas, S. P.; Georgoulias, V.; Dargemont, C.; Georgatos, S. D.24-Nov-2015