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TitleAuthor(s)Issue date
The association between bullying and early stages of suicidal ideation in late adolescents in GreeceSkapinakis, P.; Bellos, S.; Gkatsa, T.; Magklara, K.; Lewis, G.; Araya, R.; Stylianidis, S.; Mavreas, V.24-Nov-2015
Clarifying the relationship between unexplained chronic fatigue and psychiatric morbidity: results from a community survey in Great BritainSkapinakis, P.; Lewis, G.; Meltzer, H.24-Nov-2015
Common mental disorders, subthreshold symptoms and disability: longitudinal studyRai, D.; Skapinakis, P.; Wiles, N.; Lewis, G.; Araya, R.24-Nov-2015
Cross-cultural differences in the epidemiology of unexplained fatigue syndromes in primary careSkapinakis, P.; Lewis, G.; Mavreas, V.24-Nov-2015
Efficacy and acceptability of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors for the treatment of depression in Parkinson's disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trialsSkapinakis, P.; Bakola, E.; Salanti, G.; Lewis, G.; Kyritsis, A. P.; Mavreas, V.24-Nov-2015
An empirical investigation of the structure of anxiety and depressive symptoms in late adolescence: cross-sectional study using the Greek version of the revised Clinical Interview ScheduleSkapinakis, P.; Anagnostopoulos, F.; Bellos, S.; Magklara, K.; Lewis, G.; Mavreas, V.24-Nov-2015
Epidemiology in community psychiatric research: common uses and methodological issuesSkapinakis, P.; Lewis, G.24-Nov-2015
Gender differences in reoffending after discharge from medium-secure units. National cohort study in England and WalesMaden, A.; Skapinakis, P.; Lewis, G.; Scott, F.; Jamieson, E.24-Nov-2015
The incidence and associated risk factors for sudden unexplained death in psychiatric in-patients in England and WalesWindfuhr, K.; Turnbull, P.; While, D.; Swinson, N.; Mehta, H.; Hadfield, K.; Hiroeh, U.; Watkinson, H.; Dixon, C.; Flynn, S.; Thomas, S.; Lewis, G.; Ferrier, I. N.; Amos, T.; Skapinakis, P.; Shaw, J.; Kapur, N.; Appleby, L.24-Nov-2015
Is socioeconomic status in early life associated with drug use? A systematic review of the evidenceDaniel, J. Z.; Hickman, M.; Macleod, J.; Wiles, N.; Lingford-Hughes, A.; Farrell, M.; Araya, R.; Skapinakis, P.; Haynes, J.; Lewis, G.24-Nov-2015
Mental health inequalities in Wales, UK: multi-level investigation of the effect of area deprivationSkapinakis, P.; Lewis, G.; Araya, R.; Jones, K.; Williams, G.24-Nov-2015
One-year outcome of unexplained fatigue syndromes in primary care: results from an international studySkapinakis, P.; Lewis, G.; Mavreas, V.24-Nov-2015
Panic disorder and subthreshold panic in the UK general population: epidemiology, comorbidity and functional limitationSkapinakis, P.; Lewis, G.; Davies, S.; Brugha, T.; Prince, M.; Singleton, N.24-Nov-2015
Socio-economic position and common mental disorders. Longitudinal study in the general population in the UKSkapinakis, P.; Weich, S.; Lewis, G.; Singleton, N.; Araya, R.24-Nov-2015
Socio-economic status in childhood and later alcohol use: a systematic reviewWiles, N. J.; Lingford-Hughes, A.; Daniel, J.; Hickman, M.; Farrell, M.; Macleod, J.; Haynes, J. C.; Skapinakis, P.; Araya, R.; Lewis, G.24-Nov-2015
Temporal relations between unexplained fatigue and depression: longitudinal data from an international study in primary careSkapinakis, P.; Lewis, G.; Mavreas, V.24-Nov-2015
Unexplained fatigue syndromes in a multinational primary care sample: specificity of definition and prevalence and distinctiveness from depression and generalized anxietySkapinakis, P.; Lewis, G.; Mavreas, V.24-Nov-2015