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TitleAuthor(s)Issue date
Canonical formulation and conservation laws of thermoelasticity without dissipationKalpakides, V. K.; Maugin, G. A.24-Nov-2015
The concept of a balance law for a cracked elastic body and the configurational force and moment at the crack tipAgiasofitou, E. K.; Kalpakides, V. K.24-Nov-2015
The concept of material forces in phase transition problems within the level-set frameworkArvanitakis, A. I.; Kalpakides, V. K.24-Nov-2015
Continuously Dislocated Elastic Bodies with a Neo-Hookean Like Energy Subjected to Anti-plane ShearSfyris, D.; Charalambakis, N.; Kalpakides, V. K.24-Nov-2015
Derivation of the material momentum equation from the energy balanceSfyris, D.; Charalambakis, N.; Kalpakides, V. K.24-Nov-2015
Electric field gradients and spontaneous quadrupoles in elastic ferroelectricsArvanitakis, A. I.; Kalpakides, V. K.; Hadjigeorgiou, E. P.24-Nov-2015
The equilibrium of material forces in a 1D phase transition problemBalassas, K. G.; Kalpakides, V. K.24-Nov-2015
A general theory for elastic dielectrics - Part I. The vectorial approachHadjigeorgiou, E. P.; Kalpakides, V. K.; Massalas, C. V.24-Nov-2015
A general theory for elastic dielectrics. II. The variational approachHadjigeorgiou, E. P.; Kalpakides, V. K.; Massalas, C. V.24-Nov-2015
A Hamiltonian formulation for elasticity and thermoelasticityMaugin, G. A.; Kalpakides, V. K.24-Nov-2015
The inverse deformation mapping in the finite element methodKalpakides, V. K.; Balassas, K. G.24-Nov-2015
Isovector fields and similarity solutions of nonlinear thermoelasticityKalpakides, V. K.24-Nov-2015
A level set approach to domain wall kinetics and domain patterning in elastic ferroelectricsKalpakides, V. K.; Arvanitakis, A. I.24-Nov-2015
Material forces and phase transitions in elasticityKalpakides, V. K.; Balassas, K. G.; Massalas, C. V.24-Nov-2015
On conservation laws in generalized dynamic thermoelasticityCharalambopoulos, A.; Kalpakides, V. K.; Koureas, T.24-Nov-2015
On isovector fields and similarity solutions of generalized dynamic thermoelasticityKoureas, T.; Charalambopoulos, A.; Kalpakides, V. K.24-Nov-2015
On material equations in second gradient electroelasticityKalpakides, V. K.; Agiasofitou, A. K.24-Nov-2015
On the configurational force balance in thermomechanicsKalpakides, V. K.; Dascalu, C.24-Nov-2015
On the dynamics of moving singularities in solids under the use of the level-set method and the configurational force conceptArvanitakis, A. I.; Chronaiou, E. I.; Kalpakides, V. K.24-Nov-2015
On the symmetries and similarity solutions of one-dimensional, non-linear thermoelasticityKalpakides, V. K.24-Nov-2015