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TitleAuthor(s)Issue date
Anticardiolipin antibodies and occlusive vascular disease of the eye: prospective studyKalogeropoulos, C. D.; Spyrou, P.; Stefaniotou, M. I.; Tsironi, E. E.; Drosos, A. A.; Psilas, K. G.24-Nov-2015
Bilateral Mooren's ulcer in six patients: diagnosis, surgery and histopathologyKalogeropoulos, C. D.; Malamou-Mitsi, V. D.; Aspiotis, M. B.; Psilas, K. G.24-Nov-2015
The contribution of aqueous humor cytology in the differential diagnosis of anterior uvea inflammationsKalogeropoulos, C. D.; Malamou-Mitsi, V. D.; Asproudis, I.; Psilas, K.24-Nov-2015
Our experience with perfluorohexyloctane (F6H8) as a temporary endotamponade in vitreoretinal surgeryStefaniotou, M. I.; Aspiotis, M. V.; Kitsos, G. D.; Kalogeropoulos, C. D.; Asproudis, I. C.; Psilas, K. G.24-Nov-2015
Retinopathy of prematurity and other ocular problems in premature infants weighing less than 1500 g at birthAsproudis, I. C.; Andronikou, S. K.; Hotoura, E. A.; Kalogeropoulos, C. D.; Kitsos, G. K.; Psilas, K. E.24-Nov-2015
A sphenoid en plaque meningioma aggravates exophthalmos in a patient with thyroid ophthalmopathyAsproudis, I. C.; Petsanas, A. P.; Nikas, A. N.; Vranos, G. H.; Kalogeropoulos, C. D.; Polyzoidis, K. S.24-Nov-2015