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TitleAuthor(s)Issue date
Constraint based parametric conics for CADFudos, I.; Hoffmann, C. M.24-Nov-2015
Correctness proof of a geometric constraint solverFudos, I.; Hoffmann, C. M.24-Nov-2015
Detecting features from sliced point cloudsPalios, L.; Fudos, I.; Kyriazis, N.24-Nov-2015
Distributed location databases for tracking highly mobile objectsPitoura, E.; Fudos, I.24-Nov-2015
An efficient shape-based approach to image retrievalFudos, I.; Palios, L.24-Nov-2015
Feature-based 3D morphing based on geometrically constrained spherical parameterizationAthanasiadis, T.; Fudos, I.; Nikou, C.; Stamati, V.24-Nov-2015
Geometric Constraint SolverBouma, W.; Fudos, I.; Hoffmann, C.; Cai, J. Z.; Paige, R.24-Nov-2015
GPU rigid skinning based on a refined skeletonization methodVasilakis, A. A.; Fudos, I.24-Nov-2015
A graph-constructive approach to solving systems of geometric constraintsFudos, I.; Hoffmann, C. M.24-Nov-2015
An interactive geometric constraint solverFudos, I.11-Dec-2015
On pattern occurrences in a random textFudos, I.; Pitoura, E.; Szpankowski, W.24-Nov-2015
On Reconstructing 3D Feature BoundariesStamati, V.; Fudos, I.24-Nov-2015
Parallel computation of spherical parameterizations for mesh analysisAthanasiadis, T.; Fudos, I.24-Nov-2015
A parametric feature-based approach to reconstructing traditional filigree jewelryStamati, V.; Antonopoulos, G.; Azariadis, P.; Fudos, I.24-Nov-2015
Placement and Routing in Computer Aided Design of Standard Cell Arrays by Exploiting the Structure of the Interconnection GraphKavousianos, X.; Fudos, I.24-Nov-2015
Thin client access to a visualization environmentFudos, I.; Kyriazis, I.24-Nov-2015