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TitleAuthor(s)Issue date
Bladder autoaugmentation in the rabbit using de-epithelialized segments of small intestine, stomach and lyophilized human dura materCranidis, A.; Nestoridis, G.; Delakas, D.; Lumbakis, P.; Kanavaros, P.24-Nov-2015
Coexisting non-functioning pheochromocytoma and renal oncocytoma: a case report and review of the literatureDaskalopoulos, G.; Delakas, D.; Charoulakis, N.; Gourtsoyiannis, N.; Cranidis, A.24-Nov-2015
Concurrent platinum and docetaxel chemotherapy and external radical radiotherapy in patients with invasive transitional cell bladder carcinoma. A preliminary report of tolerance and local controlVarveris, H.; Delakas, D.; Anezinis, P.; Haldeopoulos, D.; Mazonakis, M.; Damilakis, J.; Metaxaris, G.; Chondros, N.; Mavromanolakis, E.; Daskalopoulos, G.; Dimitrakopoulos, A.; Kranidis, A.24-Nov-2015
Electrothermal bipolar coagulation for radical prostatectomies and cystectomies: a preliminary case-controlled studyDaskalopoulos, G.; Karyotis, I.; Heretis, I.; Delakas, D.24-Nov-2015
Experience with the Dornier lithotriptor MPL 9000-X for the treatment of vesical lithiasisDelakas, D.; Daskalopoulos, G.; Cranidis, A.24-Nov-2015
Extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy for urinary calculi in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney diseaseDelakas, D.; Daskalopoulos, G.; Cranidis, A.24-Nov-2015
Giant ureteral stone in association with primary megaureter presenting as an acute abdomenDelakas, D.; Daskalopoulos, G.; Karyotis, I.; Metaxari, M.; Cranidis, A.24-Nov-2015
Independent predictors of failure of shockwave lithotripsy for ureteral stones employing a second-generation lithotripterDelakas, D.; Karyotis, I.; Daskalopoulos, G.; Lianos, E.; Mavromanolakis, E.24-Nov-2015
Intraureteral metallic endoprosthesis in the treatment of ureteral stricturesDaskalopoulos, G.; Hatzidakis, A.; Triantafyllou, T.; Delakas, D.; Anezinis, P.; Metaxari, M.; Cranidis, A.24-Nov-2015
Long-term results after percutaneous minimally invasive procedure treatment of symptomatic simple renal cystsDelakas, D.; Karyotis, I.; Loumbakis, P.; Daskalopoulos, G.; Charoulakis, N.; Cranidis, A.24-Nov-2015
Management of ureteral stones in pediatric patientsDelakas, D.; Daskalopoulos, G.; Metaxari, M.; Triantafyllou, T.; Cranidis, A.24-Nov-2015
Nephron-sparing surgery for localized renal cell carcinoma with a normal contralateral kidney: a European three-center experienceDelakas, D.; Karyotis, I.; Daskalopoulos, G.; Terhorst, B.; Lymberopoulos, S.; Cranidis, A.24-Nov-2015
Spontaneous perirenal hemorrhage: a 10-year experience at our institutionDaskalopoulos, G.; Karyotis, I.; Heretis, I.; Anezinis, P.; Mavromanolakis, E.; Delakas, D.24-Nov-2015
Ureteral drainage by double-J-catheters during pregnancyDelakas, D.; Karyotis, I.; Loumbakis, P.; Daskalopoulos, G.; Kazanis, J.; Cranidis, A.24-Nov-2015